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  • TPO UltraWide 180 f/4.5 Astrophotography Lens & Guide Scope
  • The Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer 2i Pro Pack
  • Radian Telescopes Quick-Release Carbon Fiber Tripod
  • iOptron SkyTracker- Ball Head Accessory
  • Universal Astro Canon EOS Clip-In Light Pollution Filter (APS-C) - Available as an add-on only

Product Details

  • Go (Ultra) Wide.

    Introducing the Widefield Astrophotography Bundle from OPT! Building on the same premise as the Star Tracker Astrophotography Bundle above, this bundle also goes a step further and adds a fantastic first astrophotography lens: the TPO UltraWide 180. The products included in the bundle are:


    TPO UltraWide 180 Jeffrey Horne

    The Heart & Soul Nebula taken with the TPO UltraWide 180 by Jeffrey Horne

    You can read more about each product below in detail, but the gist of these products are that you'll have an extremely solid mount to carry your DSLR or Mirrorless camera to take your first tracked astrophotographs, plus excellent optics to ensure round stars throughout your image!

    The TPO UltraWide is a 180mm focal length lens designed specifically for astrophotography. At 180mm, the focal length is deep enough to capture widefield views of the night sky of large deep sky objects. Think the Heart & Soul Nebula, the Horsehead and Orion Nebula, the entire Cygnus Loop, and more popular targets easily fitting into frame. It's also extremely lightweight and portable, weighing less than a pound, so it's perfect for traveling with.

    The Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer Pro is the most popular star tracker we sell and for good reason. For one, its ability to track the night sky can let you expose for minutes at a time instead of just seconds with a tripod. By using longer exposures to photograph the Milky Way or other targets, your images can be much more detailed and have less noise. The Star Adventurer Pro leaves any budding astrophotographer room to grow too, so you can eventually add autoguiding and even use a telephoto lens or small refractor telescope.

    We wanted to give the Star Adventurer a rock solid platform to support it, which is where the iOptron 1.25" Tripod comes in. With a capacity of 30 lbs, it's the perfect tripod to carry your astro gear while still remaining light enough that you can travel easily with it. Last but not least, the iOptron Skytracker Ballhead lets you angle your camera in any direction and can easily support even the heaviest cameras.

    Special Add-On for Canon Crop-Sensor DSLR Owners

    If you own a Canon Crop-Sensor (APS-C) DSLR camera, you can add the optional 

    Universal Astro Canon EOS Clip-In Light Pollution Filter

    . This filter clips right into your DSLR camera in front of the sensor and greatly cuts down light pollution. This is perfect for anyone who lives in a city or suburban area as it helps eliminate the orange glow of light pollution in your photos.


    TPO UltraWide 180 f/4.5 Astrophotography Lens & Guide Scope

    Tiny, Yet Mighty

    Weighing in at less than a pound, the TPO UltraWide 180 is the ultimate portable astrophotography telescope/lens. With a 180mm focal length and a fast f/4.5 focal ratio, this scope can yield fantastic images that cover vast regions of the night sky. The tube itself weighs just 13.9 oz (395 g), meaning you can truly take it anywhere. With the TPO UltraWide 180, you can forget having to leave your telescope at home. It's the perfect imaging companion for going camping, backpacking, and on road trips. It can even tuck into your luggage bag for your next flight — no more wishing you could bring your telescope with you the next time you visit somewhere with dark skies.

    • The ultimate portable travel telescope/lens
    • Smallest dedicated astrophotography telescope on the market with a focal length of just 180mm at f/4.5
    • Weighs less than 1 lb (395 g) and easily fits in your hand
    • Extremely versatile: an imaging telescope, guide scope, finder scope, and visual spotting scope all in one
    • Can image with sensors as large as full frame
    • Seamless DSLR/Mirrorless camera connection with a standard size M42 T-ring

    The Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer 2i Pro Pack

    Built around the Star Adventurer 2i mount, the Star Adventurer astrophotography mount is a high precision, portable, and stable celestial tracking platform for sidereal, solar, and lunar tracking. It is designed to work with your DSLR camera and includes pre-programmed parameters that will help you create beautiful images and videos. The Star Adventurer Multi-Function Mount also has an automatic DSLR shutter release control built-in.

    Sky-Watcher simplifies the astrophotography process by making the Star Adventurer 2i a complete equatorial mount package that tracks the night sky smoothly. Just align your system and activate the tracking, then you're good to go! Check out our guide on How to Use the Star Adventurer to learn how you can get started. 

    Grab one for yourself and experience the newfound ease afforded to your astrophotography experience!

    • The perfect camera tracker for wide-field and landscape astrophotography.
    • Easy to use for all experience levels.
    • Ultra-compact equatorial tracking mount.
    • 1/4-20 or 3/8 inches mounting threads.
    • The upgraded Star Adventurer 2i now includes built-in WiFi!
    • Tracking Rates: Sidereal, 1/2 Sidereal, Solar, Lunar; Time-lapse Astrophotography: 12 hr, 4 hr, 2 hr rev.
    • It includes a built-in polar scope with illuminator.
    • Power Required: External mini USB power connection or 4 AA batteries.
    • Payload: 11 lb.
    • Built-in auto-guiding interface.
    • External Mini USB power support.
    • Low power consumption for convenient operation.
    • Compatible with 3/8 inch and 1/4 inch camera tripod threads.
    • Lifetime free firmware upgrade.
    • Requires updated app for Android 11 https://inter-static.skywatcher.com/downloads/star_adventurer_console_160_store.apk

    Radian Telescopes Quick-Release Carbon Fiber Tripod

    Has a one-button, SafeLock quick-release plate that is perfect for easy connection with travel and premium astrophotography trackers and mounts.

    Grab and Go Simplicity

    Lightweight (<5lb) carbon fiber design and Radian field bag allow you to simply grab and go explore. Additional SafeLock quick-release plates are available to attach to multiple setups.

    • Standard 3/8" tripod connection fits DSLRs, Milky Way trackers, and premium portable mounts by Hobym and iOptron
    • Additional Radian Quick-Release Plates can be purchased separately
    • 55 lb load capacity
    • 3 leg angle positions with 4 expandable sections provide versatility
    • Oversized rubber grips for easy leg adjustment
    • Built-in bubble level
    • Interchangeable rubber and metal feet for a range of surfaces
    • Underside counterbalance hook for use with heavier systems. You can even hang your camera bag!
    • Adjustable clutch settings allows you to fine-tune positioning and better manage cables
    • Additional 3/8" mounting port for mounting field batteries and other accessories
    • Removable leg can also attach with the bearing plate to create an expandable monopod

    Technical Specs

    • 1520 mm (59.84-inches) full height with legs extended.
    • ~500 mm (~20-inches) normal working height with legs collapsed
    • 86 mm (3.4-inch)  top-plate to bottom of hook length
    • 560 mm (22-inches) folded height
    • 2.07 kg (4.56-pounds) weight
    • 25 kg (55.1-pounds) max load

    iOptron SkyTracker- Ball Head Accessory

    This iOptron high quality ball head enables you to control your camera precisely and seamlessly for panning and tilt motion. It features a 2-inch wide base that allows a 360 degree pan rotation. With the universal quick release plate, the iOptron Ball Head is suited for all major brands. Once the camera is mounted, it can be secured by the available plate and safety lock.

    iOptron SkyTracker- Ball Head Accessory Features

    • Constructed of Aluminum
    • 360 degree rotation
    • Two Bubble Levels
    • Universal Quick Release with a Camera Plate.
    • Three screw-position Camera Plate.
    • Head Tilt Capacity is +/- 90 degrees
    • Load Capability is 20 lb



    *Available as an add-on only - Universal Astro Canon EOS Clip-In UHC Light Pollution Filter is for those employing the simple efficiency of a Canon EOS camera.

    The most affordable and performance proven Canon EOS APS-C light pollution filter on the market!

    Made as a UHC (Ultra High Contrast) filter, this Clip-in filter really brings out the dark backdrop of the sky while keeping color variation in stars intact. Particularly in a city-scape setting, you'll always have light pollution to deal with, but these images below give an idea of the drastic improvement this filter will provide.

    Without the filter:

    With the filter:

    Filter Features

        • Massively improve your DSLR astrophotography experience with this Light Pollution Filter!
        • Simply clip in and remove as needed.
        • Designed for Canon EOS APS-C Cameras
        • An excellent transmission rate of over 95%!
        • See more attributes and example images of the filter below.
        • Fitted for Canon EOS APS-C Cameras
        • Lens Thickness: 1.1mm
        • Angle of Incidence: 0-8 degrees
        • Full Width at Half Maximum: 480nm-510nm & 650nm-700nm
        • Central Wavelength (480-510): 490nm
        • Central Wavelength (650-700): 660nm
        • Transmission: >95%
        • Optical Density: OD3
        • Blocking Range: 200nm-470nm & 530nm-635nm
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