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All-Sky Cameras

At OPT, we carry a carefully curated selection of all-sky cameras and related gear to give you the maximum range of versatility in your sky-capturing endeavors.

You’ll find items like the popular Starlight Xpress Oculus All-Sky Camera, with a 180º lens version available as well for horizon-to-horizon framing — perfect for areas with minimal visual interference. Our all-sky cameras bring cutting-edge innovations such as Sony’s SuperHAD CCD, which delivers high-resolution images thanks to unprecedented minimal thermal noise and a fast electronic shutter. Many of our sky cameras are USB-powered and contain optional built-in heaters to prevent dew, which require a separate 12V DC input.

Another popular option is the Orion StarShoot All-In-One Astro-Camera, a more entry-level astro camera that lets you capture a wide range of celestial images. With a frame rate of between 30 and 200 FPS, you can optimize your resolution for your needs. Image Solar System objects like the planets and Moon, or even the Sun if you have a telescope with a solar filter.

One of the greatest benefits of all-sky cameras is the number of practical and creative pursuits they enable. This is partly due to the compatibility with software, which allows you to capture extended series of exposures, compiling them to create stunning movies of the night sky. From imaging meteor showers to tracking satellite, lunar, and planetary movements, your all-sky camera is capable of much more than single-photo applications.

The lens of an all-sky camera is high-quality and is usually coated multiple times to ensure absolute protection against the elements. Low focal ratios enable wide shots and high light-gathering capacity. Because this lens and the equipment below it are often mounted permanently in outdoor locations, they need complete protection from the weather. That is accomplished by the acrylic dome covering the camera, which sheds water and looks striking without distorting the star field at all.

Secure your sky camera either to a mobile tripod or a permanent structure like a building using the adaptable base. Though some mounts may require drilling, you can accomplish this easily.

All-sky cameras are highly capable and easy to learn how to use. However, if you have any questions about selecting the right gear, our friendly and expertly trained Sales Team is here to assist.


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What does an all-sky camera do?

As their name suggests, all-sky cameras are used to take photographs of the entire sky for meteorological and astronomical purposes.