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Telescopes on Clearance

The telescopes now on clearance include standard and smart telescopes for astronomy enthusiasts of all skill levels, including starter telescope kits designed to introduce children to the wonders of the night sky. Options include:

Reflecting Telescopes

Reflecting telescopes rely on one or more curved mirrors that reflect light to form and magnify an image of a celestial object. Telescopes on clearance include all main types of reflectors, including Cassegrain, Newtonian, and Dobsonian scopes of varying sizes and focal lengths.

Refracting Telescopes

Refracting telescopes use multiple lenses to form an image of a distant object and magnify it for viewing. Refracting telescopes in our clearance sale include achromatic refractors with two lens elements and apochromatic scopes with three or more high-quality lens elements designed for advanced and expert use.

Catadioptric Telescopes

Catadioptric telescopes combine the lenses of refractive optics with the mirrors of reflective optics to produce high-quality images of very distant objects. Our telescope clearance sale includes popular catadioptric types, including Schmidt-Cassegrain, Maksutov-Cassegrain, Schmidt-Astrograph, and Schmidt-Newtonian.

Astrophotography Telescopes

Astrophotography telescopes, or astrographs, are designed primarily for imaging — rather than viewing — celestial objects. Clearance sale options include both refracting and reflecting astrographs for photographing both near and distant night sky objects.

Telescope Accessories and Gear

The right accessories help your telescope deliver the best viewing or imaging experience. Clearance telescope accessories include eyepieces, tripods, and mounts, as well as smartphone holders and adapters for computerized telescope setups. You’ll also find an array of filters, spacers, and cleaning and polishing supplies on our telescope clearance.

If you have any questions about our clearance telescopes and accessories, , let us know.The OPTeam is happy to help you find the right telescope for your viewing needs.