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Do you need a motorized mount for astrophotography?

No, you do not need a motorized mount for astrophotography. You can use a manual mount if you are willing to take the time to adjust the position of your camera as the sky moves. This is often referred to as "guiding" and requires patience and practice. However, a motorized mount will allow you to set your camera in position and track the sky automatically, making it much easier to take long exposures. It is definitely worth investing in a motorized mount if you are serious about astrophotography.

What is a computerized telescope mount?

A computerized telescope mount is a type of motorized mount that is controlled by a computer to track the night sky. It uses motors, encoders, and GPS receivers to accurately position the telescope so it can follow astronomical objects as they move across the sky. Computerized mounts also have features such as autoguiding and camera control which make astrophotography easier. Some models even come with additional accessories such as WiFi or Bluetooth connections for remote use.

What is a GoTo mount?

A GoTo mount is a type of computerized telescope mount that uses motors and encoders to automatically point the telescope at desired astronomical objects. It can be programmed with coordinates of various stars, constellations, galaxies, and other deep sky objects, allowing the user to quickly locate them in the night sky. GoTo mounts are popular among amateur astronomers as they make it easy to find celestial targets without having to manually adjust or guide the telescope. Some models also come with additional features such as WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity for remote operation.