Sun & Solar Telescopes

Some of the most convenient and easy to enjoy views of the sun are found by utilizing a specialized Solar Telescope. A solar telescope is a refractor-based optical system that uses special filters to view specific wavelengths of light, the most common of which is H-alpha. The H-alpha telescope allows safe observation of the entire solar disc, providing superb views of prominences, chromosphere, and surface details such as sunspots, plagues, flares, filaments, and granulation.  H-Alpha filtering also gives the most "natural" view of the sun, in brilliant yellow, orange, and red.

The advantage of a specialized solar telescope over a refractor using a filter is obvious; you don't need to increase the complexity of your system by adding additional filters or modifications and can simply set up and view. Furthermore, solar telescopes are designed to be optimized for solar viewing, meaning that they provide some of the highest quality views as well. They are available in both the H-Alpha and Calcium-K bandwidths, which are the two most often observed bandwidths of light that the sun emits. Solar telescopes filter out all wavelengths other than the wavelength they are specialized to view, which is how they render solar astronomy safe to experience. 

NOTE: Solar safety is a priority in every solar product sold at OPT, and we urge you to carefully follow the procedures listed in any instructions included with any solar product for your own wellbeing.