About PlaneWave

Made right here in the USA, PlaneWave Instruments is committed to providing the highest quality observatory-class products for astronomers. This monumental company was founded in 2006 by Richard Hedrick and Joseph Haberman, two former telescope engineers at Celestron. It was there that they realized the true potential of the CDK telescope and saw the underserved community who realized this as well. Getting a product like the CDK into the hands of serious imagers and amateur astronomers has been a shared vision of Hedrick and Haberman for many years and brought their breakout designs to life with PlaneWave Instruments. This vision, and taken a step further to get any telescope in the hands of everyone, is what drives OPT and what makes us happy to work with PlaneWave. Their top-notch, observatory-grade astronomy products are all manufactured here in the USA and tested with only the highest standards to ensure greatness.