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Narrowband Filters

Of all the problems facing astronomers and astrophotographers, light pollution is the most pressing. To fight against light pollution without always having to travel to the middle of nowhere, you need the right tools — and few tools are more effective than a narrowband filter. OPT carries a wide selection of narrowband filters that allow only a small range of wavelengths to pass through, giving you unprecedented ability to see through the glow and capture the celestial images waiting beyond.

Narrowband filters are excellent for cutting out light pollution, but they’re also worth trying even with dark skies. By cutting out less desired parts of the spectrum (at least for most astrophotography applications), your narrowband filter can tighten stellar imaging and help nebulae become more pronounced.

If you’re looking for a single filter with multiple bandpasses, check out multi-narrowband options like the Triad Ultra filter. This filter includes four ultra-narrow wavelength bandpasses: Hydrogen alpha and beta, Sulfur II, and Oxygen III. These comprise the most common narrowband astrophotography wavelengths, giving you new visibility into emission nebulae, supernova remnants, and planetary nebulae. Quad-band filters like these are excellent for both color and monochrome cameras, cutting out light pollution and tightening your images of stars. Other multiband options like the ZWO 2” and 1.25” offer two narrowband passes.

Most astronomers and astrophotographers prefer to have a quiver of filters available to achieve the imaging they’re after. Options like the 36mm Optolong Narrowband Telescope Filter Kit are perfect for tricolor CCD narrowband astrophotography, with bandpasses including Oxygen-III, Sulfur-II, and H-alpha. By combining these filters, you can achieve that famed “Hubble” look.

To answer any questions about finding narrowband filters for astrophotography, our sales team is ready to talk shop and ensure you find the products you need.


Still have questions? We have answers.

What is a narrowband filter?

A narrowband filter removes all but one or more narrow bands of light, allowing you to remove all but certain desired wavelengths from your viewing or imaging.

Can you use narrowband filters with DSLR?

Yes, narrowband filters can be used with DSLR cameras. You can stack different narrowband filter images together (e.g., Oxygen-III, Sulfur-II, and h-alpha filters) to achieve tight, detailed composite images.