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OPT Star Tracker Astrophotography Bundle


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  • The Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer 2i Pro Pack
  • iOptron 1.25" Tripod for SmartEQ, SkyGuider, and SkyTracker
  • Universal Astro Ball Head - 22lb Capacity
  • Universal Astro Canon EOS Clip-In Light Pollution Filter (APS-C) - Available as an add-on only

Product Details

  • Take Your Astrophotography to the Next Level

    Introducing the Star Tracker Astrophotography Bundle from OPT! We often get the question "I've taken my first astrophotography pictures with a DSLR on a tripod, what gear do I need to get better pictures?" Our answer was always a few specific products, so we decided to make them all available in one easy bundle - just add your camera and lens! This bundle is designed for those who have already used their DSLR or Mirrorless camera to take their first astrophotography images, and are now ready to take their night sky shots to the next level. The products included in the bundle are:


    Tracked Milky Way in Joshua Tree National Park

    Tracked image of the Milky Way in Joshua Tree by OPT CEO Dustin Gibson

    You can read more about each product below in detail, but the gist of these products are that you'll have an extremely solid mount to carry your DSLR or Mirrorless camera to take your first tracked astrophotographs! The Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer Pro is the most popular star tracker we sell and for good reason. For one, its ability to track the night sky can let you expose for minutes at a time instead of just seconds with a tripod. By using longer exposures to photograph the Milky Way or other targets, your images can be much more detailed and have less noise. The Star Adventurer Pro leaves any budding astrophotographer room to grow too, so you can eventually add autoguiding and even use a telephoto lens or small refractor telescope.

    We wanted to give the Star Adventurer a rock solid platform to support it, which is where the iOptron 1.25" Tripod comes in. With a capacity of 30 lbs, it's the perfect tripod to carry your astro gear while still remaining light enough that you can travel easily with it. Last but not least, the Universal Astro Ballhead lets you angle your camera in any direction and can easily support even the heaviest cameras.

    Special Add-On for Canon Crop-Sensor DSLR Owners

    If you own a Canon Crop-Sensor (APS-C) DSLR camera, you can add the optional 

    Universal Astro Canon EOS Clip-In Light Pollution Filter

    . This filter clips right into your DSLR camera in front of the sensor and greatly cuts down light pollution. This is perfect for anyone who lives in a city or suburban area as it helps eliminate the orange glow of light pollution in your photos.


    The Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer 2i Pro Pack

    Built around the Star Adventurer 2i mount, the Star Adventurer astrophotography mount is a high precision, portable, and stable celestial tracking platform for sidereal, solar, and lunar tracking. It is designed to work with your DSLR camera and includes pre-programmed parameters that will help you create beautiful images and videos. The Star Adventurer Multi-Function Mount also has an automatic DSLR shutter release control built-in.

    Sky-Watcher simplifies the astrophotography process by making the Star Adventurer 2i a complete equatorial mount package that tracks the night sky smoothly. Just align your system and activate the tracking, then you're good to go! Check out our guide on How to Use the Star Adventurer to learn how you can get started. 

    Grab one for yourself and experience the newfound ease afforded to your astrophotography experience!

    • The perfect camera tracker for wide-field and landscape astrophotography.
    • Easy to use for all experience levels.
    • Ultra-compact equatorial tracking mount.
    • 1/4-20 or 3/8 inches mounting threads.
    • The upgraded Star Adventurer 2i now includes built-in WiFi!
    • Tracking Rates: Sidereal, 1/2 Sidereal, Solar, Lunar; Time-lapse Astrophotography: 12 hr, 4 hr, 2 hr rev.
    • It includes a built-in polar scope with illuminator.
    • Power Required: External mini USB power connection or 4 AA batteries.
    • Payload: 11 lb.
    • Built-in auto-guiding interface.
    • External Mini USB power support.
    • Low power consumption for convenient operation.
    • Compatible with 3/8 inch and 1/4 inch camera tripod threads.
    • Lifetime free firmware upgrade.
    • Requires updated app for Android 11

    iOptron 1.25" Tripod for SmartEQ, SkyGuider, and SkyTracker


    • Accessory tray with locking leg spreader along with locking levers
    • Stainless steel legs that provides solid support
    • This highly portable tripod has a weight capacity of 30 lbs
    • The height adjustability goes from 25" to 40"

    Universal Astro Ball Head

    The Universal Astro Ball Head is your all-in-one answer for ball head camera mounting. Sturdy, secure, and fluid ball head movement ensures easy and quick adjustments while staying in place without worry. Best used with camera setups no more than 22lb in total including DSLR and Mirrorless cameras.

    Features and Specs of the Ball Head:

    • Quick-release plate for effortless versatility.
    • 3-Knob controls for 720-degree rotation. 
    • Aluminum alloy with anodizing treatment.
    • 3/8 Screw hole at the base
    • Quick-release plate for effortless versatility.
    • 3-Knob controls for 720-degree rotation
    • Aluminum alloy with anodizing treatment.
    • 3/8 Screw hole at the base.



    *Available as an add-on only - Universal Astro Canon EOS Clip-In UHC Light Pollution Filter is for those employing the simple efficiency of a Canon EOS camera.

    The most affordable and performance proven Canon EOS APS-C light pollution filter on the market!

    Made as a UHC (Ultra High Contrast) filter, this Clip-in filter really brings out the dark backdrop of the sky while keeping color variation in stars intact. Particularly in a city-scape setting, you'll always have light pollution to deal with, but these images below give an idea of the drastic improvement this filter will provide.

    Without the filter:

    With the filter:

    Filter Features

    • Massively improve your DSLR astrophotography experience with this Light Pollution Filter!
    • Simply clip in and remove as needed.
    • Designed for Canon EOS APS-C Cameras
    • An excellent transmission rate of over 95%!
    • See more attributes and example images of the filter below.
    • Fitted for Canon EOS APS-C Cameras
    • Lens Thickness: 1.1mm
    • Angle of Incidence: 0-8 degrees
    • Full Width at Half Maximum: 480nm-510nm & 650nm-700nm
    • Central Wavelength (480-510): 490nm
    • Central Wavelength (650-700): 660nm
    • Transmission: >95%
    • Optical Density: OD3
    • Blocking Range: 200nm-470nm & 530nm-635nm
  • included items


     *returns disclaimer - individual bundle products will not be accepted for returns, only entire bundle order

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Leonardo R.
Mexico Mexico

A great little mount

It is an excellent mount. I use it with the Radian 61 and Asi 2600 MC, total 3.5 kg with accessories. The key to success with this mount is the tripod. With a carbon fiber tripod it is very unstable, with the tripod of my old EQ6 pro goto (8 kG) it is totally stable, getting great results. You should sell some 4 kg tripod. This mount is perfect for small focal lengths, respecting the weight, which does not exceed 4kg and t the equipment to be placed on the mount must be perfectly balanced. I had to improve it with some accessories to gain stability and reduce weight and now it is perfect for me. An excellent purchase that allows me to travel to the skies without contamination (bortle 2-3). With my old EQ6, with 20 kg +8 of the tripod plus the rest of the equipment, it is very heavy to make long trips, with the star adventurer, I lose focal but I gain portability.

OPT Telescopes OPT Star Tracker Astrophotography Bundle Review
Ujjwal D.
United States United States

Astro bundle

I have enjoyed using the Star Adventurer thus far. I just wished for the price it came with a mini USB cable. But the bundled price was good deal.

United States United States

Excellent Customer Service!

I have dealt with many AP companies. You guys are by far the most patient and the most knowledgeable. I needed a Canon clip in light pollution filter for my Canon T6, stock DSLR and you were able to find the one that fit the bill perfectly! Thank you! Tony

OPT Telescopes OPT Star Tracker Astrophotography Bundle ReviewOPT Telescopes OPT Star Tracker Astrophotography Bundle Review
Tom L.
United States United States

Great starter package!

I am just getting started in astrophotography with a Nikon DSLR. This package has worked well in my initial attempts to capture Milky Way photos in my backyard, which is 6 on Bortle scale. I am using the tracker to control my DSLR and it has worked well. But you need to watch online videos to really learn how to use the tracker - the manual is not close to sufficient. The tripod is really light and easy to adjust. You can loosen the latch for the attachment plate and rotate the entire tracker during polar alignment, which means you don't have to move the tripod to get Polaris into the scope. The ball head is solid and can carry more weight than my photo ball head from Manfrotto.

OPT Telescopes OPT Star Tracker Astrophotography Bundle Review
Francis K.
United States United States

Thoughts on Sky Watcher Star Adventurer 2i Pro

Due to poor weather and smoky skies opportunities for sky watching have not existed since I purchased the tracker. However, I did assemble it to familiarize myself. I remember Trevor Jones of Astrobackyard saying that the battery cover was weak on the prior model. On my 2I Pro it is the same, almost useless, prone to falling off where it can easily get stepped on.

Peter G.
United States United States

The light pollution filter works

It greatly reduced the neighbors porch light pollution and improved my photography