Astrophotography Stocking Stuffers [Gift Ideas]

The Best Astrophotography Stocking Stuffers

Small enough to fit in a stocking, powerful enough to help access the stars.

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Radian Green Laser Pointer for Stargazing

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  • Powerful 100mW green laser beam for highlighting objects in the night sky
  • Perfect for stargazing, astronomy outreach, and other applications
  • Great accessory for any amateur astronomer's tool kit

The Radian Green Laser Pointer makes it a breeze to point objects out in the night sky and share them with others. Whether it be connecting the stars between constellations, pointing out where popular galaxies and nebulae are, or locating the center of the Milky Way, this laser pointer is sure to leave a lasting impression on those learning the night sky. As with any Radian product, the Green Laser Pointer is made from premium-quality components and comes with everything you need to start using it.

TPO 2x Barlow Lens - 1.25"

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  • Great value
  • Threaded internally to allow use with filters
  • Doubles the magnification power of your eyepiece

The TPO Barlow Lens will double the magnifying power of all your 1.25-inch eyepieces! If you choose to use only 1.5x magnification - you can remove the lens from the bottom and add that directly to your eyepiece. This fully multi-coated Barlow lens offers you the opportunity to see if a Barlow lens is right for you. Great for the beginner or for those who only occasionally use a Barlow lens!

Radian Telescopes 14-inch Lightweight Universal D-Style Dovetail Bar

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  • Innovative universal slot design
  • Milled from Solid Aluminum Stock
  • Incremental side marking for finding the balance point

The Radian Telescopes 14-inch Universal D-Style Lightweight Dovetail Bar was completely redesigned to fit any tube ring system. Unlike other brands, this dovetail bar uses mirrored angle slots to accommodate the width of the bolt pattern found on the most common tube rings. For the extra-wide bolt patterns found on Astrophysics, TEC, and Parallax rings, this dovetail bar has eighteen tapped 1/4-20 holes, 16 non-threaded counter-bored holes, and four 5/16-18 holes to bolt your hardware from the top of the plate downward.

StellarMate Plus Astrophotography Controller

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  • HotSpot mode allows connection from any mobile or desktop device
  • Accurate graphical simulation of the night sky
  • Automates astrophotography equipment

The StellarMate is the Next Generation Internet-Of-Things (IoT) astrophotography gadget! StellarMate is powered by Open Astronomy Instrumentation protocols (INDI), and Ekos, a cross-platform astrophotography suite for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. It supports highly accurate GOTOs, autofocus and autoguide capabilities, in addition to powerful image acquisition features and support for numerous mounts, CCDs, DSLRs, focusers, and much more.

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Optolong L-Pro Light Pollution Telescope 2" Camera Filter

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  • Light-pollution tool
  • Can be used for visual and imaging
  • Provides excellent color balance

The Optolong L-Pro filter is designed to improve the visibility of various deep sky objects. It improves visibility by selectively reducing the transmission of wavelengths of light pollutants, specifically those produced by artificial lights, both high and low-pressure sodium vapor lights, and the unwanted natural light caused by neutral oxygen emission in our atmosphere (i.e., skyglow).

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  • Image 1 (Left) shows The Orion Nebula after 1.9 hours of data with the L-Pro filter.
  • Image 2 (Center) shows The Orion Nebula after 180 seconds at ISO1600 with the L-Pro filter..
  • Image 3 (Right) shows The Orion Nebula after 180 seconds at ISO1600 with no filter.

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    QHY PoleMaster EQ Mount Polar Alignment Camera

    astrophotography stocking stuffers ideas - QHY polemaster
    • Wide-angle view
    • Easy to install!
    • Real-time monitoring and adjusting
    • One-star alignment

    The QHY PoleMaster eliminates the frustrating aspects that can happen during polar alignment. You can start polar aligning before the night sky becomes truly dark with its high sensitivity. Simply mount your camera to the front of your RA axis. It will then capture an image of the northern sky and then calculate where true north is based on that image. The information is displayed on a screen, helping you make any slight adjustments if needed.

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    ZWO ASI290MM Mini CMOS Telescope Guide Camera

    astrophotography stocking stuffers ideas - zwo asi mini
    • Doubles as a planetary camera
    • Pixel Array: 1936 x 1096
    • A Go-To for guiding and more!

    The ZWO ASI290MM Mini is a top-notch monochrome guide camera, well suited for planetary imaging and as a guide camera to amplify astronomy equipment. Despite being qualified as a 'miniature' camera, it still operates at a high-performance level. With a peak QE over 80%, a read noise of only 1.0 e, a pixel array of 1936 x 1096, and a pixel size of only 2.9 micrometers, it qualifies as a powerhouse despite its small size.

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    ZWO ASI120MM-S Monochrome CMOS Astrophotography Camera

    astrophotography stocking stuffers ideas - zwo asi120 mm
    • Perfect choice for lunar and planetary imaging!
    • 1280 x 960 and 3.5-micron square pixels
    • Peak Quantum Efficiency is 75%
    • Ultra-fast download speeds up to 254 frames per second
    • 60 frames per second at full resolution

    The ZWO ASI120MM-S Super Speed Camera is a perfect choice for lunar and planetary imaging! It features a CMOS sensor, sensitive enough to capture bright deep-sky objects. An ideal choice for the serious beginner or intermediate astrophotographer. Switch from planetary to deep space imaging without having to weigh down your set up. Encamped in a vibrant, metallic red aluminum housing and with both a USB and ST4 autoguider port, the ZWO ASI120MM-S is convenient and versatile.

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    Astrozap Artificial Star for Collimation

    astrophotography stocking stuffers ideas - astrozap
    • Stable star reference
    • Accurate collimation in any seeing conditions

    The Artificial Star for Collimation by Astrozap is designed to provide a steady, stable reference star for collimation, and can be used in lieu of an actual star. This device will allow collimation without the worry of star drift or seeing conditions. This very bright, small point source of light will provide a consistent brightness, and produce beautiful diffraction rings when defocused in any eyepiece. It is unaffected by atmospheric disturbances so you can get an accurate collimation under any seeing conditions.

    If you still can't decide, an OPT Gift Card is always a safe and delay-free gift option. For more gift ideas check out our and our Astrophotography Gift Guide or our Best Telescopes for Kids and Beginners for beginners in the hobby.

    Clear Skies!

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