Best Tripods for Astrophotography

When it comes to astrophotography, having a sturdy and reliable tripod is crucial for capturing sharp and clear images of the night sky. OPT carries top-quality tripods from brands such as Avalon, Celestron, iOptron, Losmandy, and more, giving you the flexibility to match your needs and budget perfectly.

A good tripod is essential for keeping your camera steady during long exposures, allowing you to capture sharp and clear images of stars, galaxies, and other celestial objects. There are many different types of tripods on the market, each with unique features and capabilities.

One of the most valuable features of a good tripod is exceptional stability. Choose a tripod constructed with high-quality metal legs and a center column that can be locked in place to prevent unwanted movement. Additionally, you can choose a tripod with a 90-degree center column mechanism, which enables the camera to be positioned horizontally without having to remove the center column. This is especially useful for landscape astrophotography.

Another important aspect to consider when choosing a tripod for astrophotography is the tripod’s maximum load capacity. For example, a tripod capable of holding 20 lbs. has more than enough strength to handle most camera and lens combinations used in astrophotography.

Portability is another consideration. Because tripods often accompany photographers on treks to places with dark skies, they mustn't add too much weight to the gear bag. Some weigh under 5 lbs. and come with a carrying case for easy transport. Furthermore, they feature telescoping legs that can be collapsed to a more compact size.

With these factors in mind, here are our top picks for the best camera tripod for astrophotography:

1. Radian Telescopes Quick-Release Carbon Fiber Tripod

Arguably sporting the highest feature-to-price ratio is the Quick-Release Carbon Fiber Tripod by Radian Telescopes. Sporting a weight of just 4.56 lbs. thanks to its carbon fiber construction, this tripod extends up to 59.84" tall with its legs fully extended. Capable of holding a 55.1-lb. payload, you have plenty of strength to accommodate your telescope and camera setup.

At the core of its value is the one-button quick-release that lets you quickly interchange SafeLock plates, which makes this tripod perfect for astrophotographers with multiple setups. The standard ⅜-inch tripod connection fits a range of Milky Way tracks and DSLRs, and a built-in bubble level makes it quick and easy to set up for a night of imaging.

This tripod comes with a Radian field bag for grab-and-go portability.

2. ZWO TC40 Carbon Fiber Tripod

In terms of price point, the ZWO TC40 Carbon Fiber Tripod comes in below the previous tripod. Highly portable, rugged, and resistant to impacts and mishaps, it is also versatile enough to serve as the base for nearly all astrophotography setups.

Built on carbon fiber legs, this tripod supports a whopping 110 lbs. at maximum payload while weighing in at just 5 lbs. It collapses down to less than 20" for easy storage inside hand luggage. The tripod’s adjustable height range is between 18.5" and 31.5". The dual-section legs fully telescope and feature fine adjustments via locking knobs to get the mounting platform level.

The ZWO TC40's head plate features three mounting points that correspond to the AM5 mount head for a stable, sturdy connection. This tripod is compatible with the iOptron GEM45, iOptron GEM40, Rainbow Astro 135E, and Sky-Watcher AZ-GTi.

3. Universal Astro Tripod

Featuring high-quality aluminum-magnesium alloy construction, the Universal Astro Tripod folds up small thanks to inverse folding legs, and you can use the detachable tripod leg to convert the setup to a monopod. This is easily the best budget tripod for astrophotography.

This tripod is excellent for use with your Star Adventurer or Skyguider. You can convert the screw between ¼" and ⅜" to make it widely compatible across a range of cameras and heads. The legs feature quick and firm locking, and the removable center column is grooved for greater stability. Utilize the hook underneath the mounting platform to hang weights and stabilize your setup in windy conditions.

The maximum weight load of the Universal Astro Tripod is 37.47 lbs., so it may not be ideal for heavier setups. However, at only 3.3 lbs., it is highly portable.

4. Celestron Trailseeker Fluid Pan Tripod

The Celestron Trailseeker Fluid Pan Tripod is a tall yet lightweight aluminum tripod that’s perfect for spotting scopes, cameras, binoculars, and lighter-weight telescopes. Its aluminum legs are fully adjustable and provide a maximum height of over 70". Lever locks make it easy to quickly adjust the tripod’s height. It features bubble levels, a tripod carrying case, and a quick-release plate that quickly accommodates a camera or other equipment.

The drawbacks are a low weight capacity of 8.8 lbs., as well as the need for proprietary accessories to perform photography. However, due to its popularity, it tends to sell out quickly.

5. Celestron Advanced VX 6" Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope Bundle

Grab a tripod and telescope in the same purchase with the Celestron Advanced VX 6" Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope Bundle. Underneath the telescope itself is the high-quality Celestron Advanced VX equatorial mount, optimized for astrophotography with setups weighing 30 lbs. or less.

Long exposures are easy thanks to permanently programmable periodic error correction, and you can cross the meridian without a meridian flip. It features auto guider support and All-Star Polar Alignment, and improved motors with greater torque. Thanks to its large base, it is stable under heavy loads.


When choosing the best tripod for astrophotography, look at the balance of stability, weight rating, and portability. The above picks are all great tripod options for astrophotographers, each with unique features and benefits.

Whichever tripod you choose, ensure that it meets your specific needs so you can achieve the best results in your astrophotography. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly and knowledgeable Sales Team.

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