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Since 2011, ZWO has been producing innovative cameras, mounts, and other accessories for serious astrophotographers, professional astronomers, and observatories all over the world. Based in Suzhou, China, ZWO says its mission is to "make astrophotography easy and fun" for everyone. Its array of CMOS cameras, automated controllers, and related gear is designed to do just that, with setups that can even do all the work while you sleep.

Whether you’re photographing planets and moons or fainter deep space objects, you’ll need an astrograph that delivers sharp, noise-free images even during long sessions under a variety of conditions. ZWO's line of quality color and monochrome astrographs are designed to eliminate noise and reduce dark current generation and other imaging issues, even with extended exposure times.

Because ZWO aims to "make every amateur astronomer's dream come true," their astrophotography cameras and accessories are both user-friendly and equipped with features to suit the needs of more advanced astrophotographers.

ZWO: the CMOS Camera Experts

ZWO was an early innovator of CMOS camera technology, with its own line of CMOS cameras, imaging controllers, and accompanying software for both planetary and deep space object (DSO) astrophotography. CMOS, (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) technology, delivers higher light sensitivity and better image saturation than earlier CCD (Charge Coupled Device) imaging and DSLR devices. Current product lines include:

Planetary Cameras

ZWO's collection of planetary astrographs includes both mono and color instruments at prices under $1,000, with some models available at a budget-friendly $200 or less. These cameras have ZWO's pioneering CMOS technology for low read noise and fast high-definition imaging, with a USB 3.0 transmission interface for stable and fast data transmission, even during long exposures.

DSO Cooled Cameras

Deep Space Object cameras are designed for lengthy observing sessions in all kinds of conditions. ZWO's line of monochrome and color DSO Cooled Cameras features a cooling system that reduces noise and enhances the camera's dynamic range for superior image quality. The cooling system also includes an "anti-dew" heater that prevents dew condensation from collecting on the camera lens. DSO Cooled Cameras also come with weather-resistant sealing that protects the camera’s electronics from rain, dust, and other contaminants.

Guide Cameras

Guide cameras record a continuous loop of short exposures that help to keep a lock on the target object. ZWO's "Mini" line of guide cameras communicate with a telescope’s computerized mount to make the small corrections in tracking that keep an object in view.

ASIAir Wireless Controllers

Many telescope and astrophotography kits include computerized controllers and connectors to devices such as laptops and smartphones. ZWO's line of intelligent ASIAir astrophotography controllers can automate all aspects of planetary and DSO astrophotography without the need to connect external devices. ASIAir controllers have built-in WIFI and an auto-guiding system for autofocus and multi-target imaging, so they can handle a whole night of photography on their own — even while you're sleeping.

Mounts and Accessories

ZWO's versatile computerized mounts can operate in both equatorial and alt-azimuth modes. They're designed to work with or without counterweights, depending on the load, and they work seamlessly with smartphone, tablet, or ASIAir controllers for precise targeting and imaging. ZWO also offers a variety of accessories to support its products, including adapters, cables, extenders, filters, and fans.

ZWO Camera Sales for Astrophotographers

ZWO's collection of quality astrophotography equipment includes planetary and DSO-cooled cameras, mounts, and other accessories at prices ranging from under $200 to several thousand for professional-grade instruments. Here are a few popular items at prices to suit every budget.

ZWO ASI178MC CMOS Astrophotography Camera $269

The ZWO ASI178MC CMOS Astrophotography Camera comes with a 6.4M resolution Sony IMX178 image sensor for high sensitivity, resolution, and dynamic range. This uncooled camera has a pixel array of 3096 x 2080 and a pixel size of 2.4 microns. The ZWO ASI178MC kit includes a guider cable, T-mount, driver, and extra software for easy planetary photography and microscopy.

ZWO ASI2600MC Pro USB3.0 Cooled Color Astronomy Camera $1,799

The ZWO ASI2600MC Pro USB 3.0 Cooled Color Astronomy Camera has a back-illuminated Sony IMX571 sensor for better light acquisition and a 3.76-micron pixel size for high-quality imaging of a variety of deep space objects. The ASI2600MC Pro has two-stage TEC cooling capable of lowering the CMOS sensor temperature to more than 35 degrees Celsius below ambient and an anti-dew polyimide heater. The camera comes with an adapter, extenders, USB 2.0 cables, and a quick start guide.

ZWO AM5 Harmonic Drive Hybrid AZ/EQ Mount & Tripod $2,298

The ZWO AM5 Harmonic Drive Hybrid AZ/EQ Mount & Tripod is a lightweight telescope mount that works with or without counterweights. The AM5 Hybrid Mount operates in equatorial and alt-azimuth modes, so it can be used for visual observation and astrophotography. The mount is WIFI compatible and works with a smartphone or tablet as well as with ZWO's ASIAir controller.

ZWO ASIAir Plus Wireless Camera Controller for Astrophotography $299

The ZWO ASIAir Plus Wireless Camera Controller can control your entire astrophotography setup from your smartphone via the ASIAir app; no laptop or other external device is needed.

The ASIAir can manage every astrophotography task, including polar alignment, focusing, guiding, image capture, and video, as well as multi-target sequencing. The ASAIir app includes software not only for managing the camera but also for running most equatorial mounts and accessories, such as dew heaters.

ZWO ASIAir Mini $199

The palm-sized ZWO ASIAir Mini is a cost-effective alternative to the ASIAir Plus that delivers nearly all the functions of the Plus except support for DSLRs and a few features such as Wired LAN and an SD card. It streamlines the entire image capture process with automated focusing, polar alignment, autorun, and wide-field imaging for advanced astrophotography.

Whether you're new to astrophotography or a seasoned imager, ZWO's line of planetary and DSO astrographs and accessories provide the tools you need to capture bright, clear images of the night sky. If you need help selecting the right ZWO product for you, contact the OPT Team for expert advice!

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