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Radian Green Laser For Stargazing


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  • Powerful 100mW green laser beam for highlighting objects in the night sky
  • Perfect for stargazing, astronomy outreach, and other applications
  • Great accessory for any amateur astronomer's tool kit
  • Safe & easy way to engage others in astronomy
  • Comes with all the accessories you need, including a wrist strap, a Radian case, an AC battery charger, and safety keys
    • Product Details

      • Radian 301 Green Laser Pointer

        Share the wonders of the night sky with ease using the Radian Green Laser.


        Effortlessly Locate Objects in the Night Sky

        A favorite accessory for stargazing and astronomy outreach, this premium Radian Green Laser makes it a breeze to point objects out in the night sky and share it with others. Whether it be connecting the stars between constellations, pointing out where popular galaxies and nebulae are, or locating the center of the Milky Way, this laser is sure to leave a lasting impression on those learning the night sky. As with any Radian product, the Green Laser is made from premium-quality components and comes with everything you need to start using it.

         Radian 301 Green Laser Pointer Beam

        Powerful Beam For Stargazing

        Most common lasers are around 5mW in power, which isn't nearly powerful enough to produce a visible beam of light for stargazing. With 100mW (milliwatts) of power, the Radian Green Laser can easily produce a visible beam towards any astronomical object you're observing, making for a seamless viewing experience.

        Radian 301 Green Laser Pointer

        Long Battery Life for Observing All Night

        With a powerful 18650 battery inside, you can ensure hours of stargazing entertainment without having to worry about running out of battery power. The Radian Green Laser comes standard with an AC battery charger that can be plugged into a wall outlet to recharge the battery when not in use.

        Radian 301 Green Laser Pointer Lock and Key

        Features for Safety First

        With any laser this powerful, proper safety practices must be taken in order to prevent injury or other accidents. The Radian Green Laser features a lock and key system on the rear end to prevent it from being accidentally turned on without the key. Please see the Safety & Best Use Practices below for more information on how to safely use the Radian Green Laser.

        Radian 301 Green Laser Pointer

        Durability, Portability, & Other Extras

        Made of top-grade aluminum, the Radian Green Laser is highly durable and resistant to drops. To further prevent drops, a handy wrist strap is included. At just 6 inches (150mm) long, it's compact, lightweight, and easy to hold and carry. A convenient Radian-branded zip-up carry bag is included for protecting the laser during travel and storage.


        Safety & Best Use Practices

        With any laser, especially one as powerful as the Radian Green Laser, it's best to follow these Safety & Best Use Practices to prevent injury, accidental damage, and proper stargazing etiquette:

        • Never point the laser at someone's eye or face, including your own. Doing so can cause permanent damage to vision. Always keep the laser pointed up at the sky when using it for stargazing.
        • Keep the laser away from children at all times, and store the safety locking key in a separate location away from the laser when not in use.
        • Never point the laser at a magnifying glass, binoculars, a telescope, a mirror, or other reflective glass surfaces that could potentially magnify or reflect the laser beam.
        • Never point the laser at aircraft, and follow local laws and regulations about using a laser.
        • Use caution when pointing the laser at a solid surface for more than a few seconds, as it can cause objects to burn.
        • When at a dark sky location with other amateur astronomers nearby, it's best to ask permission to use the laser first, as doing so can ruin night vision for astronomy and/or long exposure images.
        • Do not keep the laser on for more than 30 seconds at one time as it can shorten the laser's useful lifetime.
        • Remove the battery when the laser is not in use.
        • specifications

          Battery Type18650
          Free ShippingYes
          Laser FocusAdjustable with Twisting Focuser
          Laser Output100mW (milliwatts)
          Safety Features2x Safety Keys
          Warranty1 Year Warranty
          Wavelength532nm (Green)
        • included items

        • Radian Green Laser
        • Large 18650 Rechargeable Battery with AC Adapter for Charging
        • Radian-Branded Zip-Up Carry Bag
        • Wrist Strap
        • 2x Safety Keys

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        • Raptor 61
        Jeffrey G.
        United States United States

        Radian Laser

        Works great. Well made and a hefty laser pointer. Beam shoots out to infinity. I would recommend this pointer.

        Rick P.
        United States United States

        Best Laser Pointer out there!

        I have had several astro laser pointers. The Radian is by far the best. Top notch build quality, rechargeable battery with a charger, and best of all, lockable for safety. I love it!

        Matthew H.
        United States United States

        Good tool for large groups

        So far it works as advertised. Unlock the safety, check your surroundings, push the button, and direct everyones attention to what you want to show! The included instructions aren’t the best. Looks like direct to English translation so it doesn’t flow really well, but gets all the info across. The only other minor downside is the packing isn’t the best. The foam is pretty cheap and not cut well to hold the included items. I’ve only had it a couple weeks so I can’t speak to longevity. However, if you have a need for something like this and don’t want a toy, it will perform well.

        Lyle T.
        United States United States

        Super useful and hard to find.

        This is super useful for group work. I have had one of these before. I thought they were illegal in the U.S. Got my last one in Singapore, and the batteries leaked on an airplane later, This is a super useful tool for groups of people that are looking at the sky at night, so you can show them where to look.

        Phillip V.
        United States United States

        Best laser pointer I've ever purchased

        I've owned several laser pointers; always with the hope that I'll get that one that really performs well with a large group of people. Finally, I found it! The Radian Green Laser pointer delivers. Twice as bright as my present laser. Can't wait to use it for summer stargazing programs!

        George M.
        United States United States

        Nice performance, but reserving judgement

        Ok, so this was my first green laser. I ordered it because it was a Radian and that is the new brand OPT is pushing. However, I was very disappointed when I pulled the box out of the envelope. No Radian packaging, it was an obviously Chinese product box. The only thing that told you it was Radian was the print on the laser body. The box said "Green Laser Pointer" in cheesy gold luxe letters. The directions sounded as though they were written in Chinese with English as an after thought. That said, the laser performed well and is definitely a good strong beam. I know its packaging, but it makes it feel cheap. For $70 and given they are touting the Radian brand, it was very underwhelming. So, I'll reserve judgement until I can determine that it will last.