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What you need to know about Celestron's SkyPortal App

What you need to know about Celestron's SkyPortal App

Everything we do on a daily basis is enhanced, more convenient and faster with the help of our mobile phones and tablets... and it doesn't stop with your night sky experience. Celestron's free SkyPortal mobile app redefines the way you navigate the night sky in a new and exciting way.

Compatible with both iOS and Android devices, the SkyPortal app enables your Celestron computerized telescope to align itself to the night sky and automatically locate thousands of celestial objects including the solar system, 120,000 stars, over 200 star clusters, nebulae, galaxies, dozens of asteroids, comets and satellites.

With the help of its GPS abilities, you will be able to generate a custom list of the best objects to view based on your time, date and location. Make sure your device is GPS capable to be compatible with the app.

Oh, and did we mention it can also act as your personal astronomy planner? With the SkyPortal app, you can plan out your observing sessions. For example, Jupiter's Great Red Spot isn't always visible, so if you are wanting to know when you will be able to see it, the app can look ahead to know exactly when to set up your telescope for optimal viewing!

Best of all, you can control and automatically align your compatible Celestron Telescope from your device using StarSenseand WiFi technology.

How to use the Celestron SkyPortal App

  • Simply hold up your mobile phone or tablet up to display the night sky on your screen where you see labeled constellations and celestial objects. Tap on the object that you are interested in viewing, select "GoTo", and watch your telescope find and center the object for you!
  • Your telescope's automatic tracking capabilities will prevent you from having to re-center the object, which becomes especially useful when viewing with a large group or if you need the object to be centered for several hours.
  • If you want to view a different object, simply repeat the process and let the app and your telescope do the work!

In addition to the features discussed, the SkyPortal app contains a large database of astroimages with audio descriptions and stats like the object’s distance from the Earth. Also, to truly ensure the best observing session, the app includes a "night vision" setting to tone down your device's display by adding a red filter.

Download SkyPortal App on both Google Play and Apple App Stores!

Celestron SkyPortal App Compatible Telescopes

The Celestron SkyPortal App is compatible with any Celestron telescope equipped with the SkyPortal WiFi Module (formerly SkyQ-Link).

NexStar Evolution Series

Built-in WiFi connection, does not require SkyPortal WiFi module

SkyProdigy Series

WiFi module required

Built-in automatic alignment does not require StarSense AutoAlign

18 Responses


December 04, 2020

Can you use this app with a celestron firstscope 114?


November 10, 2020

Hi , is my samsung j3 compatible with sky portal app


October 16, 2020

Hi Lawrence, yes the SkyPortal App is compatible with the CGE. Thank you for your feedback, we have updated the blog to answer some common questions we have received. Clear skies!

Lawrence D Kruzan

October 15, 2020

I have a CGE mount which is not on the list. I’ve not tried this yet due to finishing my OB. Will it work with the CGE?


September 06, 2020

The goto function is not working g in mine skyportal when I push it its saying telescope is out off reach the object ut when I jusse the starsense auto align Manuel control its go to the object so it’s strange

Brian Denley

July 28, 2020

Found out the hard way that iPads do not work with SkyPortal like you expect unless you have either one with phone service (which has a gps) or an add-on gps unit. Regular iPads do NOT have a gps inside. You will have trouble doing the align but not know why it failed. IPhones Do have a gps inside so there is no problem that way. I purchased a Bad Elf gps for my iPad but there are others.


July 23, 2020

Is the skyportal app compatible with the celestron astromaster 130 EQ model:3160DS ??

I downloaded the app but cant find the wifi in my wifi/bluetooth so i am assuming my telescope is not compatible but i would like to double check.

Steven Wright

May 17, 2020

Will sky portal support setup of two different telescopes both with star sense camera?

Mark Brodie

April 16, 2020

Is this app device compatible with a 114 LCM

Mark Brodie

April 16, 2020

Is this app device compatible with a 114 LCM

Greg Pronger

January 02, 2020

Is there a way to replace individual alignment stars as you can do on the hand unit?

Kenny Bahmer

August 08, 2019

Is this compatible with a orion xx14GT?


May 30, 2019

Skyportal just automatically updated from 5 to 6 and my compass feature stopped working. When I press compass the view goes straight to Zenith and stays there. Any ideas? I am using an Android tablet latest OS. Skyportal has always worked until this update.

Alan Sanchez (OPT)

March 04, 2019

Hello Jim, thanks for reaching out!

The app does not support the cord wrap function, and while it has many, many NGC objects in the database, the catalogue is not entirely complete. I hope these answers aid your future endeavours! Take care.

James P Sofia

March 02, 2019

Does the app allow you to use the “cordwrap” function? Does it have the full NGC catalogue?

Thanks you for your help!


Alan Sanchez (OPT)

February 19, 2019

Thanks for the questions Mychael and Anthony.

To answer your question Mychael: You can get the RA / DEC coordinates of any object in the Info section, however, you cannot scan through the compass view in RA / DEC.

For your question, Anthony: Unfortunately you cannot search by coordinates with this app. My best suggestion would be to find an object near the coordinates you’re searching for and proceed to scan the area once located.

Mychael Lederer-Morihisa

February 14, 2019

can i get coordinates in RA / Dec ?

Anthony Agudo

February 11, 2019

Could I search objects by coordinates?

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