Our Favorite Photos Captured with the Radian 61 Telescope! (So Far)

by Brian Fulda (@AstroBackyard)

Radian 61 Telescope

When we first launched the Radian 61 Telescope in partnership with Trevor from AstroBackyard in November of 2020, we knew it was going to be a hit. However, we had no idea what kind of images the OPTeam and our amazing community would be able to capture with it. Since then, hundreds of people have become Radian 61 owners, and we've seen some incredible images taken with this scope.

The Radian 61 is a APO triplet refractor telescope, and features a short 275mm focal length for wide field views of the night sky. It has a fast f/4.5 focal ratio to gather light in half the time or less as many other telescopes. Unlike most other telescopes designed for astrophotography, the Radian 61 comes with a reducer/flattener built in and included with a standard M48 thread on the back. It truly is ready to go out of the box, with the only other thing needed being the correct t-ring if using a DSLR or Mirrorless camera. For all of these reasons, it's the perfect telescope for beginners who want to enter astrophotography without sacrificing much on quality. Without further ado, here are a handful of our favorite images captured with the Radian 61!

M42 and IC434 widefield in Narrowband by Galactic Hunter

Galactic Hunter Orion Radian 61

"I want to give a massive thanks to @optcorp and @gibsonpics for letting us use our dream camera, the QHY600M. It is absolutely incredible and fits well on the Radian Raptor 61."

North America & Pelican Nebula in SHO by Chris Stobie

Chris Stobie North America Nebula

"Taken while in Joshua tree with my new QHY 600M & Radian 61. Really blown away by the faint details I was able to get in just 16 hours."

Crescent Moon & Venus Conjunction by Nicole Smith

Nicole Smith Moon Venus Conjunction

  • Telescope: Radian 61
  • Mount: Tripod
  • Camera: Canon 5D Mark II
  • Filters: None
  • Source: @_she.t._astro on Instagram

The Heart & Soul Nebula by AstroBackyard

AstroBackyard Heart & Soul Nebula

"This telescope aims to make the process of getting up-and-running under a clear night sky as painless as possible. You do not need to go looking for a suitable mounting plate that allows you to balance your setup, or find a matching reducer/flattener to flatten the field of view.

The telescope is ready for you to attach your camera (with the correct spacing), right out of the box. You can thread your favorite 2″ light pollution filter into the filter vault, and be on your way. The attention to detail towards the needs of deep-sky astrophotographers is overwhelmingly evident with this package."

Veil Nebula Complex by Bret Waddington

Bret Waddington Veil Complex

NGC 2244 - Rosette Nebula by Bill (WB91)

WB91 Rosette Nebula

"Here is my first attempt on the Rosette Nebula using the Raptor61 and the ASI6200 MC OSC full frame camera. This was a stack of 20 x 300s subs using the L-eXtreme narrowband filter shot in bortle 8 sky. Clear skies!"

If you have any questions or comments about the Radian 61, feel free to get in touch with our helpful team here or leave a comment below!

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