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Sky Watcher EQ6-R Pro Equatorial Go-To Mount

SKU : SW-S30300

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  • Excellent mount for deep sky & planetary astrophotography
  • 44 pound (20 kg) weight capacity
  • Object database over 42,000
  • USB port built in for seamless control from your computer
  • Sky-Watcher Syn-Scan hand controller
  • Steel Tripod Included
  • Special Features: Built-in Illuminated Polar Scope

Product Details


    The Sky Watcher EQ6-R Pro Equatorial GoTo Mount has a 44 lb weight capacity and excels as an excellent astrophotography mount for beginner to intermediate astronomers.


    Sky Watcher EQ6-R Pro Equatorial Mount Convenient Features


    Sky watcher EQ6-R Pro hand controller

    The SynScan hand controller provides a user-friendly interface with automatic slewing to over 42,000 objects in the night sky. The hand controller can also connect to a computer using the supplied RS232 cable (USB adapter available), enabling computer control with most astronomy programs. For the astrophotographers looking to reduce Periodic Error, the SynScan hand controller has built in PEC training that can be configured while in the field!

    Sky Watcher EQ6-R Pro Ports

    The built in ST-4 Autoguider port turns this mount into an astrophotography powerhouse, allowing you to utilize most of today’s best autoguiders. Using the

    integrated RS232 port, you can control the telescope from your computer and take advantage of today’s most advanced astronomy software.
    Sky Watcher EQ6-R Pro payload

    The EQ6-R Pro uses Stepper motors with a 1.8° step angle and 64 micro steps driven. Stepper motors are quieter than servo motors, providing accuracy up to 1 arc minute without waking your neighbors from buzzing motors.

    • Its built-in ST-4 Autoguider port gives you the freedom to use most of today’s best autoguiders!
    • The belt drive system and stepper motors provide accuracy and silent slewing to find and track celestial objects. 
    • SynScan hand controller offers up a 42,900 object database, special tours of the night sky, permanent periodic error correction, backlash compensation, the ability to set slewing limits, and polar alignment assist via the built-in illuminated polar scope!
    • Accessories are included with the EQ Pro mount: A retractable counterweight bar, allowing for easier transportation, as well as two 11-lb counterweights, to help balance any payload. 
    • The EQ Pro features asaddle compatible with both D and V style mounting plates, giving you the ability to use multiple optical tubes!
    • Travel easy with your mount with its built-in carry handle

    Highlighted Features of the Sky-Watcher EQ6-R Pro: 

    • GoTo System: SynScan.
    • Object Database: 42,900+.
    • Polar Align Assist: Yes.
    • Auto Guide: Yes.
    • Permanent Periodic Correction: Yes.
    • DSLR Interface: Yes, includes Canon EOS Trigger Cable.
    • Motor Type: Stepper.
    • Drive System: Belt.
    • Polar Scope: Built-in.
    • Clutch: Locking Lever.
    • Mounting Saddle Plate: Dual, Vixen and Losmandy Style.
    • Power: 12V, thread-on cable included.
    • Counterweight Shaft: Retractable.
    • Counterweights Included: 2 weights, 11-pounds each.
    • Tripod Leg Diameter: 2-inch.
    • Mount Weight: 38-pounds.
    • Tripod Weight: 16.5-pounds.
  • specifications

    Database42900 Objects
    Drive TypeBelt
    Free ShippingYes
    Head DesignEquatorial
    Instrument Capacity44 lb
    Latitude Range65 Degrees
    Mount Head Weight38lb
    Telescope ConnectionDual Vixen & Losmandy
    Tracking Accuracy1 Arcseconds
  • included items

    • Sky-Watcher EQ6-R Pro Equatorial Mount.
    • Tripod with Spreader.
    • (2) 11-pounds. Counterweights.
    • Retractable Counterweight Bar.
    • Canon EOS Trigger Cable.
    • Thread-on Power Cable.
    • SynScan Hand Controller.

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Elliott L.
United States United States

Perfect for First EQ Mount

This mount has been amazing. I was using the iOptron Skyguider Pro with my Zenithstar 61 (Z61) and wanted to move up to an equatorial mount. I’m still using the Z61, but I plan on upgrading to a telescope in the 18-20 lbs range. The hand controller is great, but I run everything with the ASIair Pro and iPad now.

OPT Telescopes Sky Watcher EQ6-R Pro Equatorial Go-To Mount Review
United States United States

Good for a newbie

So this was my first mount. I had no clue how to use it but going on cloudy nights I was able to see all the things I did wrong like trying to move it with the clutch on. Even after my misuse I found it was very forgiving.

Danny H.
United States United States

Soon as I bought I got nothing but cloudy nights

I love staring at it in my room! Can’t wait for a night when I’m off and it’s not cloudy!!

Brian S.
United States United States

Review after 3 months

I received my EQ6R Pro in Jan 2021 from OPT. I have had the opportunity to use it several times both on my dedicated pier and while traveling. This guy is a bruiser to lug around but the positive side of weight is its accuracy (less than an arc second with auto guider and PEC calibrated) payload and stability. The EQ6R Slews accurately and quietly. I use the ASIAIR Pro through the USB port. No problems with connectivity and works smoothly. Here is my issue. The mount head to the tripod saddle is poorly designed and worse poorly manufactured. Its just sloppy, the adjustment screws are sloppy but with that said precise polar aliment CAN be achieved and it stays in place once its locked in. This is why I cannot give the EQ6R-P a 5 star rating. Would I buy it again. YOU BET!

OPT Telescopes Sky Watcher EQ6-R Pro Equatorial Go-To Mount Review
Rich T.
United States United States

Sky Watcher EQ6-R Pro

Fantastic mount. Well built and heavy but simple balancing and great tracking. Certainly a mount that can support you as your needs grow.

OPT Telescopes Sky Watcher EQ6-R Pro Equatorial Go-To Mount ReviewOPT Telescopes Sky Watcher EQ6-R Pro Equatorial Go-To Mount ReviewOPT Telescopes Sky Watcher EQ6-R Pro Equatorial Go-To Mount ReviewOPT Telescopes Sky Watcher EQ6-R Pro Equatorial Go-To Mount Review
David O.
United States United States

Almost perfect

Disappointed that I can't use the faster USB2 connection (115200 baud vs 9600 baud, so pretty big difference) with my ASIair Pro, due to the change in chipset behind the USB port on the mount - Raspbian does not have a driver for it yet, so I'm stuck with laggy remote response until that gets updated, and rolled into the AAP OS. Had to buy an EQMOD cable as a result. Luckily, I was doing research before it arrived, so I knew to get the cable. SkySafari performs very poorly once the mount is connected, and I suspect it's this slower connection causing it because SS works fine right up to the point where I tell it to connect to the mount. I only have about 9 lbs riding on this mount, so less than 25% the rated capacity for Astrophotography, and it can't track reliably for more than 30 seconds unguided with PA accurate to under 10 arc-seconds and perfect balance in both axes. At 60-seconds, I had to throw away just over 50% of frames, and that was at less than 45 degree declination, where targets don't even move as fast as near the Celestial Equator. I had hoped for at least consistent 60s unguided subs for this price. I picked up an OAG, so it won't be a problem anymore, but it's just another added cost that I feel is pretty much required for this mount. Once I got guiding set up, the scope was able to maintain 1-2" RMS in average seeing, although it did occasionally spike as high as 3-4. This was without any PEC training performed because I don't believe I can do that using it with the ASIair. Maybe once I recover from this spend, I'll look into using a NUC instead of the AAP to gain access to PEC functions, but the AAP is just so convenient. Upon arrival, I gently wiggled each axis with the clutches tightened - the mount had no discernable backlash in RA, but had noticeable backlash in DEC. From what I've read, it seems pretty easy to fine tune that, so I guess that's good. Other than those few things, it's a very solid mount, and the weight capacity (44lbs for AP) means it theoretically can carry pretty much any scope I'd ever be able to afford anyway (although I'm not sure if it can really handle that much based on its performance with only 9lbs). This scope is built solid, and is very heavy. That's good if you have an obsy or rolling shed, not so much if you have to disassemble everything and bring it back into the house after every session like I do. In hindsight, I probably should have gotten a lighter mount until I can build a new shed with a pier to put a mount this heavy on. I just imaged with it last night, and decided I'd stay home all day to keep an eye on it so I could leave it outside (clear skies again tonight), just to not have to bring it in and back out again. In hindsight, I feel like I probably could have gotten similar performance out of an ExosGT2-PMC with my relatively light scope, guided or otherwise. Also, when slewing at full speed, the sound it makes is not a constant tone, like I would expect. I'm not sure if this is normal, as I've never owned a mount with stepper motors, so perhaps I just "got a bad one", as at this price point, this is still a mass-produced, non-premium mount. If it's normal, well, I'm sure glad I didn't buy a cheaper mount, as I probably would have been happier with my Nexstar 6se's stock alt-azimuth mount. Aside from being way heavier and impossible to carry outside fully assembled, this is definitely still an upgrade from that. Once everything is set up properly, the pointing on this is way more accurate than the Nexstar mount, I just wish the unguided tracking was too.

OPT Telescopes Sky Watcher EQ6-R Pro Equatorial Go-To Mount Review