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ZWO ASI071MC Pro Cooled Color CMOS Telescope Camera


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  • Diagonal: 28.4 mm.
  • Resolution: 16.2 megapixels 4944 x 3284.
  • Pixel size: 4.78 microns.
  • Exposure Range: 64 milliseconds to2000 seconds.
  • ROI: Supported.
  • Full well: 46ke.
  • Upgraded with DDR memory buffer.
  • AR Sensor Window

Product Details

  • ZWO ASI 071 Camera Body1

    ZWO ASI 071 Pro Cooled Color CMOS Telescope Camera Features

    Camera Sensor

    ZWO ASI 071 With Sony IMX071

    The Sony IMX071

    • The most popular Sony sensor!
    • APS-C Diagonal 28.4 mm.
    • 16 Megapixels (4944 x 3284).
    • Very low read noise: 2.3 electrons at 24db gain & 3.3e the lowest gain setting!
    • 14-Bit ADC: Provides a real 14-bit dynamic range.
    • Electronic shutter: No vibration caused by a mechanical shutter.
    • AR Window.

    DDR Memory Buffer

    The ASI071MC Pro camera includes a 256MB DDR3 memory buffer to help improve data transfer reliability. Additionally, the use of a memory buffer minimizes amp-glow, which is caused by the slow transfer speeds when the camera is used with a USB 2.0 port.

    ZWO ASI 071 DDR Memory Buffer

    DDR memory buffer is the main difference between ASI “Cool” and “Pro” cameras.

    Astrophotography Performance

    ASI071MC Pro offers very good performance for astrophotography. Low read noise, and high dynamic range.

    ZWO ASI 071 DDR Astrophotography Performance

    Dark Current

    The Dark Current of ASI071MC Pro is better controlled with the help of DDR buffer and new improvement of hardware design.

    Please check this 300s dark frame free of amp-glow.

    ZWO ASI 071 300s Dark Current

    Quantum Efficiency

    The peak Q.E. value is approximately 50%.

    ZWO ASI 071 QE Curve


    The ASI071MC Pro includes a unique tilt adapter. This is extremely useful when you need to collimate the sensor plane on fast optical systems.

    ZWO ASI 071 Tilt Adapter

    USB Port &Hub

    USB 3.0 Port:Provides 5 GB bandwidth to make it possible for the ASI071MC Pro to run at 10 fps (14-bit, normal mode) at full resolution(16-megapixels).

    USB 2.0 Hub:Manage your cables by connecting various accessories like a filter wheel, guide camera or electronic focuser. There are two short 0.5 m USB 2.0 cables included with the ASI071MC Pro. The hub is powered by the external power supply if you connect one.

    New Mechanical Design

    The ASI071MC-Pro camera comes with a completely upgraded anti-dew and mechanical body. The diameter of the camera body is increased to 86 mm (ASI071MC-Cool is 78mm), and the new structure seals the CMOS chamber that prevents frosting.

    ZWO ASI 071 Pro vs. Cool

    Anti-dew and Cooling System

    The ASI071MC Pro has a two-stage TEC cooling system that allows deep cooling (35 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius below ambient). You will need an external power supply to power the cooler. An AC-DC power adapter is not included in this package, however, you can order one here.

    We recommend using a 12V/3-5A or more DC adapter for cooler power supply (2.1 × 5.5, center positive). Using a battery with 9-15V is also suitable for the cooler power supply. The anti-dew heater will heat the AR protect window to avoid any dew problems. The heat anti-dew heater power is around 3.6W and can be turned off in the software to save power.

    ZWO ASI 071 Anti-Dew & Cooling


    System Chart

    ZWO ASI 071 Adapter Diagram
    1. 2-inch filter (optional).
    2. EOS-T2 adapter.
    3. M42 to M48 extender 16.5 mm.
    4. M42 extender 21 mm.
    5. Focal reducer, flattener, or corrector.
    6. ZWO OAG.

    Mechanical Drawing

    ZWO ASI 071 Mechanical Drawing

    ZWO ASI 071 Anti-Dew & Cooling

  • specifications

    ADC14 bit
    Back Focus17.5 mm
    Camera ConnectionM42 x 0.75
    Color or MonoColor
    Delta T35C
    Dynamic Range14 Stops
    Free ShippingYes
    Full Rez Frame Rate10fps
    Full Well46ke
    Max Frame Rate134fps
    Mega Pixels16.2 mp
    Pixel Array4944 x 3284
    Pixel Size4.78 microns
    Read Noise3.2e
    Sensor Diagonal28.4 mm
    Sensor TypeCMOS
    Weight1.4 lbs
  • included items

    ZWO ASI 071 Included Items

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Eddie R.
United States United States

Great Camera!

I used a Nikon D7200 prior to receiving this for my birthday this year. What a great camera, the cooling system is really awesome too. I cant utilize it so much here in South Florida, but it works great. Highly reccomend. Im very happy with the 4 ZWO products I currently use (AAP, EAF, ASI071, 120mm Mini). I used it with my 6SE on a EQ6 mount.

OPT Telescopes ZWO ASI071MC Pro Cooled Color CMOS Telescope Camera Review
United States United States

First Light with ASI 071 MC Pro - Great Results

Put this behind a William Optics ZenithStar 73 APO, using a Williams field flattener, Baader Moon and Skyflow filter then centered it on the Andromeda Galaxy. Settings were 180 gain, 120 sec captures, cooled to 5C. 80 images captured and 76 images stacked with Deep Sky Stacker the post processing done in Photoshop under. Viewing was clear with Bortle 7 sky and full moon. I'm quite satisfied with the performance of the camera especially under the viewing conditions.

OPT Telescopes ZWO ASI071MC Pro Cooled Color CMOS Telescope Camera Review
United States United States

ZWO ASI071MC Pro Cooled Color CMOS

Love this camera, having lots of fun with it.

Tommy H.
United States United States

Great camera

I have only used it one time but it yeilded very good results. Everything worked great and the resolution is amazing. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for this sensor size and type of Camera.

OPT Telescopes ZWO ASI071MC Pro Cooled Color CMOS Telescope Camera Review
United States United States

ZWO ASI071 Pro Cooled Color CMOS

have shot this camera about seven sections and the pixs are great. niece detail and color. also i use it for star ligament so no need for spotting scope.

United States United States

Upgrade from DSLR

This is definitely an upgrade and a bit of a learning curve from the DSLR. I pretty much had to throw away a night of imaging to work out a lot of details but that is to be expected. I'm using a Celestron 9.25 with the 6.3 reducer. I had done some research indicating that the proper back focus from the end of the reducer to the camera sensor would be around 105mm , so I loaded up on spacers. This turned out not to be so. After a great deal of experiment I landed at about 65mm before the vignetting finally subsided. Most of the learning curve has been around learning how the camera interacts with the computer and whatever programs you're using. To be honest, I still haven't worked all that out. Finally got a whole night of imaging in, though not ideal conditions ( 25mph wind gusts and a bright moon for half the night). I was blown away by the difference in image quality from the DSLR even in less than ideal conditions. Having never dealt with FITS image format there have been a number of other hurdles in the processing of the images that have been hair pulling. Deep sky stacker and pixensight both seem to read the images in gray scale and I had to figure out how to debayer. That word never enters your vocab with a dslr. But I'm sure I will figure all this out in time. That is half the fun of this hobby. Overall great camera so far. Wish I knew how to add an image to this review.