ZWO 12V 5A AC to DC Adapter for Cooled Cameras

Brand: ZWO


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  • This is required for cooling your ZWO camera.
  • Power Adapter: AC to DC.
  • Power Supplied: 12 Volts at 5 Amps.
  • Compatibility: American Standard Sockets.

Product Details

  • This is required for cooling your ZWO camera. The ZWO 12V 5A AC Power Supply:

    ZWO is happy to supply an American Standard power adapter that is designed to supply energy to their cameras and camera accessories, adapting AC power to DC as needed.

    This adapter supplies a consistent and constant 12 Volts of power at 5 Amps and acts as an AC/DC converter to do so.

    It is compatible with power sockets in the US, Canada, Japan, Brazil, Taiwan, and anywhere else that uses American Standard power systems.

    It is perfect for supplying power to the cooling system of any ZWO Camera.

  • specifications

    CompatibilityAmerican Standard Sockets
    Cord LengthAC Power Cord is 6 feet long.
    Cord LengthDC Adapter Cord is 43 inches long.
    Power Supplied12 Volts at 5 Amps
  • included items

    • 12V 5A Power Converter.
    • US Mains AC Cable.

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