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Looking for a PEGASUS ASTRO MOTOR FOCUS KIT ZERO - CELESTRON SCT 6, 8, 9.25, RASA 8? Shop this product at Agena Astro by clicking the SHOP NOW button!
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  • Designed to work with Celestron Classic and Edge SCT 6, 8, 9.25 and RASA 8
  • Zero backlash and a fast-moving motor allows you to focus more quickly and capture your images more precisely
  • You will need a motor controller to drive this motor

Product Details

  • Pegasus Astro Motor Focus Kit Zero

    Upgrade your focusing game by using the new, powerful Pegasus Astro Motor Focus Kit Zero! This stepper motor is fast, has the required torque and gives you ZERO BACKLASH so focus your SCT with amazing precision.

    The pulley and belt design ensures that the motor does not collide with your filter wheel when you use a focal reducer. Its sophisticated SCT bracket design (margarita style) can fit all new Celestron SCTs (Classic / Edge) and RASA series.

    Important note from the manufacturer:You will also need a motor controller to drive this motor. Products that can drive the Motor Focus Kit are:

    Zero Backlash Stepper Motor

    The included embedded bipolar stepper motor provides you a zero backlash experience. This motor is very fast and will allow you to quickly focus your SCT from one position to another.

    SCT Bracket

    Also included with the Motor Focus Kit Zero is a specially made, black anodized aluminum bracket that can be attached to most of the Celestron SCT telescopes. This version has been successfully installed on:

    • Celestron Classic and EdgeHD 6, 8, 9.25
    • Celestron RASA 8
    • Please note that some older SCT series are NOT compatible with the SCT bracket, so please contact Pegasus Astro with a photo of your telescope focuser if you are not certain that your telescope can accept the SCT bracket
    • The SCT bracket was designed to support Celestron SCT telescopes. However, it has fit perfectly on some Meade SCT telescopes that have the round focus knob (see image below). Please see if your Meade telescope is the same as the image below, or contact Pegasus Astro for more information
  • specifications

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  • included items

    • Motor Focus Kit Zero
    • SCT Bracket (Margarita Style)
    • Timing Belt
    • 13 mm bore size of Pulley GT2
    • 4 M3 x 6 mm length screws (to attach the enclosure on the bracket)
    • 3x screws and 3x plastic washers

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