HOBYM CRUX T4000 Harmonic Drive Equatorial Mount

Brand: HOBYM


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  • Extremely high payload capacity for serious astronomy and observatory applications, while holding up to 5 times its own weight with shaft and counterweights!.
  • Sleek design with internal cabling for minimal cable management.
  • Perfect tracking for at least 10-minute exposures without the use of guiding.
  • The HOBYM CRUX T4000, like the rest of HOBYM harmonic drive system mounts, has zero backlash with PEC assistance for effectively perfect tracking.
  • Includes TiTan Telescope Control System (TCS) which requires an AC power supply (not included).
  • You will also need a dovetail saddle plate (not included, see below) to mount either V-style or D-style dovetail plates.

Product Details

  • The mighty HOBYM CRUX T4000 is the final step in your astrophotography setup. The perfect astronomy mount for the serious astronomer or for public observatories, this harmonic drive equatorial mount holds up to 180 kg (396 lb) with an attached counterweight! Track your targets using some of the most advanced technology available in astronomy. Enjoy nonexistent backlash and thanks to the harmonic drive technology that's been perfected by HOBYM. Check out the spec chart below for everything you need to know about the HOBYM CRUX T4000.

    HOBYM CRUX T4000 Specifications Chart

    Heavy Telescope Payload

    The CRUX T4000 is amazingly efficient, weighing 50 kg (110 lb) and able to carry payloads almost 4 times its weight with optional counterweights. The harmonic drive that moves this mount offers excellent tracking performance due to its zero-backlash design. The CRUX T4000 does not require any counterweights for payloads up to 60 kg (132 lb) and a full 180 kg (396 lb) with the optional 12 kg (26.5 lb) counterweight and counterweight shaft. The whole setup is designed to be the end-all mount for even the most extreme astronomy applications.

    The Harmonic Drive EQ Mount 

    The CRUX T4000 utilizes the P-motion Control system to control cycle errors in the gears. This can minimize the tracking error to less than ±3 arcseconds. In other words, you'll likely be able to take a 20-minute exposure using a medium-sized refractor without using a guiding system!

    TITAN TCS Software

    This incredible telescope mount is equipped with the most advanced telescope control system, the TiTaN1 TCS, to realize the highest ease of use and control among mobile systems – with or without a computer. The TiTaN TCS controller has high power and the ability to scale and supports advanced wireless environments as well as a connection via serial or USB.

  • specifications

    Drive TypeHarmonic Drive
    Head DesignEquatorial
    Instrument Capacity130 lb
    Instrument Capacity396 lb
    Slew Speed500
  • included items

    • HOBYM CRUX T4000 Harmonic Drive German Equatorial Mount

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