HOBYM CRUX 140 Traveler Mount - Blue

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  • The pinnacle of portable astrophotography mounts designed to travel with you, wherever you go.
  • Zero backlash enabled by strain wave gears for perfect tracking.
  • Built-in time-lapse functionality and camera control for easy, streamlined imaging sessions.
  • Weighs only 3 kg (6.6 lb).
  • Maximum payload with counterweight: 15 kg (33 lb).
  • Included TiTan Control System (TCS) opens compatibility for advanced wireless applications and software support.

You will need a dovetail saddle to attach your telescope to this mount. Either  AA-DUAL-M8 or AA-DSAD-M8with both V-style and D-series saddle slots will suit this mount well.

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Product Details


    The HOBYM CRUX 140 Traveler is the next innovative step for HOBYM Observatory's line of astronomy and astrophotography mounts. Not merely a successor to the original CRUX Mini that could fit in the palm of your hand, this mount is improved in essentially way from the Mini. Boasting absolutely zero backlash, powerful torque, and HOBYM's one-of-a-kind TiTan control system, this lightweight and extremely portable mount is the ultimate choice for the astronomer on the go. Experience innovation with the HOBYM CRUX 140 Traveler.


    Heavy-Duty Portability

    Weighing in at less than 7 pounds (3 kg), the CRUX 140 Traveler is capable of holding up to 28 pounds (13 kg) with an attached 4-pound (1.7 kg) counterweight. This is enough payload capacity to hold even the most revered astroimaging telescopes with ease, like the Celestron RASA 8 or Takahashi FSQ106. As long as you're using the Traveler, you can be sure that this mount will impress you every single time. HOBYM Observatory designs products to outdo themselves every time and to foster the best possible experience for astrophotographers, and the CRUX 140 is no different. 

    Adaptable, Intuitive Design

    The CRUX 140 Traveler comes equipped with the TiTan TCS (Telescope Control System) handle any operation even the most serious astrophotographers ask of their equipment. The advanced stepped control motor system and strain wave gears allow for one of the smoothest moving systems even under maximum capacity. This goes for each of the 4 modes built into the Traveler, which are equatorial mode, alt-az mode, time-lapse mode, and terrain observe mode. The Traveler is literally designed to travel anywhere with you, adapting to any situation. 


    Highlighted Features of the HOBYM CRUX 140 Traveler

    • Mount Weight: Less than 7 lbs (3 kg)
    • Alt Range: 0-90 degrees
    • Az Range: 15 degrees
    • Max Slew Speed: 1000x
    • Power Consumption: 400mA ~ 1000mA
    • Input Voltage: 9 ~ 15V
    • TiTan Telescope Control System

    HOBYM CRUX 140 Traveler Spec Chart

  • specifications

    Drive TypeStrain Wave Gear
    Head DesignEquatorial
    Instrument Capacity28 lb
    Latitude Range90 Degrees
    Mount Head Weight7lb
    Slew Speed1000
  • included items

    • HOBYM CRUX 140 Traveler Mount Head
    • TiTan TCS (Telescope Control System)
    • Power Cable
    • RS232c Cable
    • USB Cable

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