Accessory Bundle Savings!
Accessory Bundle Savings!

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Accessory Bundle Savings!

Buy An Accessory Bundle with Your Scope & Save!

We want to get you off observing the right way that's why we've created 4 unique accessory bundles at a significant savings to you that can now be purchased with select telescopes. 

Each available bundle has been specifically paired with each scope to be completely compatible, including smart accessories like vibration suppression pads to keep your scope shake-free, additional eyepieces, upgraded diagonals and more, at savings up to $274!

You'll find these savings on the following telescopes:

Celestron Nexstar 4SE  
Meade 8" ACF LX90 Telescope
Celestron Nexstar 5SE    
Meade 10" ACF LX90 Telescope
Celestron Nexstar 8SE  
Meade 12" ACF LX90 Telescope
Celestron 6" Nexstar Evolution        
Meade 10" ACF LX200 Telescope
Celestron 8" Nexstar Evolution
Meade 12" ACF LX200 Telescope
Celestron 9.25" Nexstar Evolution  
Meade 14" ACF LX200 Telescope
Celestron CPC800 Meade 6" ACF LS Telescope
Celestron CPC925  
Celestron CPC1100