The Best Telescope Accessories

Optimize your observing experience with these astronomy accessories recommended by OPT experts. A telescope is a great start to see the universe in detail. With additional tools, you can see and do so much more! Learn more about each accessory and what they do below.

Top 10 Telescope Accessories

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Additional Eyepieces

Eyepieces typically range in three magnification levels: low (25mm and up), medium (10-20mm), and high (9mm and lower) magnification. TPO eyepieces are a great budget choice, while Explore Scientific and Tele Vueeyepieces are high quality and deliver stunning results. Not sure what eyepieces to choose? Click here for some extra help on choosing the right eyepiece.

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Barlow Lens

If you’re not looking to invest in a set of eyepieces yet, a Barlow lens is the best solution. They will double or even triple your eyepiece magnification. With the addition of a Barlow lens, your current eyepieces can have two magnifications instead of just one!

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Smartphone Adapter

In the age of smartphones and social media, what’s not to like about snapping a photo of the Moon and sharing it with friends? Smartphone adapters like the NexYZ smartphone adapter makes taking astronomy photos with your smartphone easy! Dock your smartphone by attaching it to your telescope eyepiece to take pictures of the Moon and more.

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Moon Filter

Observing a full or near-full moon with your telescope is extremely rewarding, but it is difficult to observe for long periods of time. The light from the Moon is focused on your eye and can become uncomfortable just after a short time. Moon filters reduce glare and inbound light while increasing contrast, making the full Moon a much more enjoyable observing experience. Moon filters such as the TPO filters are made to attach directly to your eyepieces for easy use.

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The Telrad finderscope is one of the most popular telescope accessories ever made, and for a good reason. It is an essential tool to help you point your telescope in the right direction while looking for celestial objects. When you look through the Telrad finderscope you'll see a multi-degree bullseye, making it easy to target celestial objects and properly align and aim your telescope.

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Red Flashlights

Preserve your night vision with a red flashlight! Red light keeps your eyes adjusted to the dark, allowing you to make the most with your telescope and giving you the best chance at observing the faintest details. A red flashlight is one of the most beneficial accessories you can own, no matter the level of your night-sky observations. This astronomy flashlight will not compromise your vision at night with its red LED flashlight. With three brightness levels and its chargeable feature, the PowerTank Glow is the perfect accessory for visual astronomy!

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Phone Apps to Help Find Objects

There are many apps available to help you navigate the night sky without a telescope. We've compiled a list here for astrophotographers but some of these apps like the Celestron SkyPortal App are a perfect tool!Explore the Solar System, 120,000 stars, over 200 star clusters, nebulae, galaxies, and dozens of asteroids, comets, and satellites—including the ISS.

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Dew Prevention

Dew buildup can ruin a clear observing night. When your telescope or eyepiece lens drops below the ambient temperature of the air outside, moisture begins to form. A telescope that has been "dewed-up" no longer delivers clear images of your target, and instead shows a washed-out featureless view. A dew shield slows condensation buildup; dew heaters prevent it. Dew heaters are a must for those in humid environments; otherwise, a dew shield will suffice. Check out our dew prevention page to see more.

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Telescope Covers

Protect your equipment from the elements with a telescope cover. If you want to leave your scope outside, scope covers offer great protection from the environment. Telegizmos solar covers protect your equipment from the Sun during the day, while their 365 line protects your equipment from most weather conditions.

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Observing Chair

Observing all night can take a toll on your body, especially when your target places the eyepiece at an uncomfortable position. Get comfortable and observe your targets longer by using a chair. Don't have an observing chair? Click here to check out our collection of dedicated astronomy observing chairs!

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