Telrad Finder Scope with Mounting Base

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  • Telrad Finder Scope with Mounting Base

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    Telrad Finder Scope with Mounting Base

    TheTelrad Finder Scope provides a non-magnified window on the sky and projects 1/2 inch, 2-inch and 4 inch illuminated red bullseye circles on the screen which can be brightened or dimmed for user needs. Simply place the star in the center of the bullseye and start star hopping! Both beginning astronomers and seasoned veterans alike enjoy the Telrad's red circle view because it makes it easy to compare to star charts and find objects. For example, a galaxy located 4 degrees southeast of a star becomes simple to locate because your visual reference points are clearly defined. No wonder the Telrad reflex finder is one of the most popular astronomy accessories!

    Adding a Telrad Finder to your telescope is equally easy. Simply connect the included Mounting Base using either provided screws or double-sided tape, align, and you're ready to begin. Additional mounting plates can be purchased and your Telrad bullseye can be moved from scope to scope! Indispensable for accurately centering alignment stars for Go-To telescope models and a "must have" for Dobsonian users, the Telrad finder is so easy that even the youngest stargazer can use it... Even special star charts have been designed to work with this ingenious piece of equipment! Measuring 8x1.75-inches, the Telrad reflex finder requires two AA batteries and supplies hours upon hours of service. Simply switch it off between objects to conserve battery life - or leave it on and share with others where you're aimed!

    • Reflex sight for guiding visual astronomy systems
    • Perfect for star-hopping
    • Easy to compare to star charts for reference
    • Includes mounting base
    • Terad Finder 
    • Telrad finder Base

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    • If I wished to install a dew heater where exactly should it be positioned on the Telrad and what length should I purchase?  With a heater would you also recommend a dew shield or would the heater alone do the job?

      Hello David, I tried a 2" heater around the back of the Telrad over the top of the mirror & the bottom of the device and that seemed to fit fine so you will want a 2-3" heater. You don't want to turn the heat on too high. a moderate temperature shou

    • hello  I can connect a dslr camera?  regards

      Yes, the camera side of this off axis guider has a T-thread, so you just need a T-ring for your particular DSLR brand to connect it to this guider.

    • Would it be too big for a 90mm Mak?

      Hello Bob, Thank you for your question. I would say that the 90 Mak would be too small for the Telrad as the double stick tape base is too wide to fit on a 90 Mak. There is however a good alternative that I can recommend. That would be the Rigel Quikfind

    • Hi, I see that you mentioned this would be too wide to fit on a 90mm maksutov. How about a 130mm one? I was hoping to pick something like this up, but if it's too wide I guess I'd have to go for the Rigel.

      The base of the Telrad is designed for a larger tube than a 130 Mak, but I placed a Telrad with base on top of a 127 Mak we had on the showroom floor and it looked like the tape would make enough contact to hold securely. You just have to make sure that i

    • I lost a screw for my telrad base, can you recommend a replacement or source. Also, my adhesive mounting material has dried out. What can I use to replace it?

      You can fix both of those issues by getting a replacement Telrad base: Besides that, the only option would be a trip to a specialty hardware store.

    • Can anyone tell me the size of the screws in the Telrad base that hold the Telrad securely? Also, what does each aligning screw do to the bullseye?

      Good afternoon and thanks for asking. The threads on the base appear to be M5x.8. The movement of the aligning screws is hard to describe. It is helpful to keep in mind that it usually takes at least the adjustment of two screws to align on a target. for

    • What does each adjustment screw do? What does the top one do? What does the left one do? What does the right one do?

      Each one of the screws that your mention will adjust the position of the for the illuminated pattern just like a finder scope.

    • How do I mount this on a Takahashi TSA-120? I have a standard Takahashi clamshell with a single 1/4-20 thread on top.

      Unfortunately, the only way to mount it would be with double stick tape. I did not want to put this on the tube of my old TSA-102, so I mounted it to the side of the clamshell.