STELLINA Smart Telescope Review

Imagine taking an intricate hobby and condensing it down to a streamlined experience. To most, that sounds impossible. STELLINA is here to change that.

How Does the STELLINA Smart Telescope Work?

STELLINA is a smart, automated telescope that provides access to the universe in an instant, allowing you to capture the cosmos in the palm of your hand.

The intuitive and free "Stellinapp" (available for both Android and iOS) controls this system, guiding you through the entire process using a WiFi signal emitted by STELLINA. The smart telescope automatically finds its place on Earth and in the universe through your GPS and astrometry (more about this in the technical specs below). From initial setup to your first astrophoto, the entire experience is almost effortless.

Designated as an “observation station” rather than a standard telescope, STELLINA combines everything astrophotography into one sleek design. Every piece of hardware and software is built into this system, without a single necessity missing. A complete package perfect for personal, professional, or educational use.

How to Use the STELLINA Smart Telescope?

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All you need to use STELLINA is yourself and your mobile device. Follow these 5 easy steps to get started!

  1. Download the “Stellinapp" available for Android and iOS.
  2. Create a username and connect to STELLINA's built-in WiFi.
  3. Choose a celestial object. The Stellinapp includes the best objects in the sky from your location!
  4. Watch how STELLINA rises from the center and points to the sky as it automatically aligns.
  5. Select the start button, once complete, share your images on social media and tag us with the hashtag #opteam!

    Journey through the cosmos for hours at a time--up to 5 hours, to be exact! For those of you who thrive in the night, 5 hours will be plenty of time to get some fantastic shots to share the next day. And for those in a hurry, STELLINA can produce an impressive image in just 30 minutes.

    Looking back at our first time using STELLINA, just downloading the app took longer than learning how to use it! It was only a few minutes between choosing the first cosmic target to the first image popping up on the screen.

    Yes, it's really that quick!

    Watching this happen brings a sense of wonder in itself that's hard to get over.

    What Do STELLINA Smart Telescope Pictures Look Like?

    Check out some of the images you can produce with STELLINA below! Brighter celestial objects, like planets and the Moon take less time to get clearer images than deep-sky objects like nebulae.

    STELLINA Smart Telescope Review - 2 - STELLINA pictures look like

    The light you see in the sky tonight took many lightyears to get here. The longer STELLINA captures light from space, the more detail your images will have.

    Never before has astronomy been so accessible, and astrophotography so simple. On top of it all, this observation station is portable enough to bring essentially anywhere!

    STELLINA Smart Telescope User-friendly Features

    Gather your friends and family to explore the universe in style. Connect up to 20 people at once to this observation station through the mobile app.

    STELLINA Smart Telescope Review - 3

    Innovating upon the foundations of traditional astronomy, STELLINA fully embraces modern technology to create an exciting and shareable experience for everyone involved.

    As more images are captured, each mobile device is updated in real-time. One of the best parts? Every image, at any time, can be saved directly to your mobile device immediately and shared in an instant.

    Travel Easy with the STELLINA Smart Telescope

    Weighing in at only 25 pounds and less than 2 feet across any side, the STELLINA is undoubtedly the first of its kind.

    This device is ready to go anywhere with you, just like your dog. But unlike your dog, this will sit perfectly still no matter where you place it thanks to the custom-made Gitzo tripod included with every STELLINA.

    If you’re involved with photography at all, you’ve probably heard of Gitzo. They’re a world-renowned manufacturer making some of the best tripods on the market, and they’re kind of a big deal. It’s no wonder that they’ve teamed up with Vaonis to make this device a reality.

    STELLINA Smart Telescope Review - 4

    Modern Astrophotography with STELLINA

    If you've ever had any interest in the night sky, this will only motivate you to explore that further.

    Whether you want it for personal use, professional observation, or educational engagement, this does all the heavy lifting so you can make the most of the time you have.

    The Tech Specs of STELLINA

    Some of you more keen on astronomy and photography may be wondering what kind of equipment this device is packing. We've got you covered.

    The STELLINA works with an 80 mm apochromatic doublet at 400 mm focal length, sitting comfortably at a focal ratio of f/5. This is also built for use anywhere, especially light-polluted cities. Its built-in SONY 178 CMOS sensor has an integrated light-pollution filter to cut through the skyglow. That being said, this device is optimized for deep sky objects like nebulae, galaxies, and clusters rather than planetary viewing.

    But you can still see the rings of Saturn clear enough, and what more could you ask for in planetary viewing?

    All of this is perched atop a computerized Altitude-Azimuth mount using the previously mentioned astrometry to align itself as precisely as possible. The way this works is once the telescope first points upwards, it begins taking pictures to reference an internal database. Once the star patterns above are matched with those in the system, the STELLINA knows exactly what to do.

    Check out the chart below for an in-depth look at all of the specs.

    STELLINA Smart Telescope Review - 5 - technical specs

    A Home for STELLINA

    Embark on your journey to the stars and get your STELLINA today!

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