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Vaonis STELLINA Smart Telescope


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  • This smart and automated device will let you travel across the cosmos in less than 5 minutes. Choose your next destination from a catalog of over a hundred celestial objects.
  • STELLINA integrates a SONY sensor extremely sensitive in low light. In a few seconds, beautiful details appear on your screen that only the station can reveal.
  • Remember to update your Stellinapp software before first use!
  • Connect up to 20 mobile devices to your station with the multi-user mode. Then share your photos of the universe in Ultra HD on your favorite social network.
  • As featured in Forbes, WIRED, Bloomberg, and!
  • Includes a 30-day trial! See below for details.

Product Details


    The STELLINA from Vaonis is what we get when innovation meets automation. Never has astrophotography been so easy to get into before this mobile observation station. Simple enough for children to understand, yet full of capabilities that will impress seasoned astronomers, the STELLINA smart telescope is a perfect fit for all levels of experience.

    Completely controlled through the sleek and intuitive smartphone application, “Stellinapp,” knowing nothing about the night sky is not a problem.  The app is equipped with an extensive catalogue of deep-sky objects and recommendations, real-time image stacking and processing, and full GoTo functionality. Explore the universe with ease and in style with the STELLINA.

    The Immediate Astrophotographer

    Your path to the universe just got easier with this portable astrophotography system. Designed for simplicity and a user-friendly experience from the start, the STELLINA will get you exploring and imaging the deep sky in less than 5 minutes. Alignment, focus, target acquisition, tracking, and more, STELLINA automates it all! Choose from a list of recommended targets for your location, and this telescope will take care of the rest. It’s really that simple.

    The longstanding barriers of entry into astrophotography—no matter how slight they might be--have been broken down by the STELLINA. Now everybody can be a part of this incredible hobby.

    Astrophotography Made Easy

    The Stellinapp smartphone application is a dream come true for astronomers around the world. Watch your incoming photos be processed and stacked as they come in, optimizing for the best possible clarity of your target while also giving you options to alter the images if desired. You won’t need to take the time deciding which object is available to image, either.

    Vaonis Stellina Stellinapp Functions


    Thanks to the app’s smart recommendations based on your location and the automated weather monitor, the best possible targets are listed for you with the time needed to image them! Simply choose which target you like the most and the automatic GoTo functionality will bring you right to it. Alignment, focus, tracking, and everything else needed for proper astrophotography is built right into the STELLINA.

    Gone are the longstanding barriers to astrophotography—no matter how minor they may be. Anybody from all age groups, from elementary to the elite can now capture the cosmos in a matter of minutes and spread these wonders to the world. And one of the best things about this app is that all images taken can be saved directly to your phone once you finish!

    A Made-to-Measure Tripod

    The perfect systems wouldn’t be complete without the perfect tripod. Vaonis has partnered with the legendary Gitzo tripod manufacturer to create a custom-designed tripod fit for the STELLINA. Inspired by Gitzo’s “Systematic” range of tripods, some of the world’s strongest and most stable tripods, the GT3520S-VS model was built from the ground up to be STELLINA's ideal partner.



    The Gitzo Series 3 Systematic Tripod is an exceptional carbon fiber tripod combining minimal weight with incredible stability to bring out the best in STELLINA's performance. This ultra-portable tripod is easy to carry anywhere you want to go and can be customized in a few areas including the feet and mount plate.

    Sony Sensor Made for Imaging

    Just like the rest of the system, STELLINA's camera sensor is engineered with astrophotography in mind. Sony's IMX 178 sensor is a 6.4 MP chip with an extremely high resolution of 3086 x 2076 pixels. The creators at Vaonis want to make sure that every image that comes out of the STELLINA is guaranteed to look crisp even when blown up to poster size or when a small section is cropped.

    On top of that, the sensor itself has a light pollution, or city light suppression (CLS), filter built onto the front. Every astronomer is keenly aware of how much an issue light pollution has become in the modern age, and this is one major factor to combat the encroaching light.

    Hours of Automated Imaging

    Image for as long as you can stay awake with the portable and rechargeable battery. Once the sun goes down, this 10,000mAh battery will last for up to 5 hours of active use before requiring a recharge, which is more than enough time to get some incredible images for the night. Invite your friends and family to the imaging session for an impromptu star party, and revel in the fact that one of the most complex hobbies in the world can be simply controlled by your fingertips.


    30-day Trial

    Removing yet another barrier of entry, Vaonis and OPT include a 30-day trial with every STELLINA purchase! How does this work?

    You are free to use the STELLINA for the entire trial period and, if for whatever reason the STELLINA is not for you, then you are free to return the product for a full refund, provided it has not been damaged and is still completely functional.

    Please note: Product must be returned in it's original box with all included accessories.

    Updating Your STELLINA

    Thanks to continued support and progress made by the Vaonis team, you will consistently get free updates to your devices in order to provide the optimum experience at all stages of your STELLINA experience.

    To update, simply follow these steps:

    1. Update your mobile app on Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

    2. Open Stellinapp, turn your device on, and connect your mobile or tablet on STELLINA's Wi-Fi. 

    3. A popup will ask you to update your STELLINA. If the popup does not show up, go to the first tab of the menu (STELLINA's Control's) and click on Install (Update Number).

    4. Do not turn off your device while the device is updating: the update will take between 5 and 10 minutes.

    5. When the update is complete, wait until STELLINA's network is back in your Wi-Fi settings.

    6. To check whether the update has been correctly installed, go to the first tab and check that the version is up to date.


  • specifications

    ADC14 bit
    Aperture80 mm (3.25")
    Dawes Limit1.45 arcseconds
    Focal Length400 mm
    Focal Ratiof/5
    Free ShippingYes
    Highest Magnification160x
    Light Gathering Power131x
    Limiting Magnitude12.22
    Optical DesignDoublet Refractor
    Pixel Array3086 x 2076
    Pixel Size2.4 microns
    SensorSony IMX 178
    Tube Weight29 lbs
  • included items

    • Vaonis STELLINA Observation Station.
    • 10,000mAh Battery (Anker brand).
    • Battery Cable.
    • Carbon Fibre Tripod (Gitzo brand).
    • Dust Cover.
    • Bubble Level Plate.
    • Instruction Booklets.
    • 3 Allen Wrenches (Hex Keys).
    • 2-Year Warranty.

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Randy G.
United States United States
Stellina Shines

First Light was with my Dad when I was young. That ignited a spark. Now Stellina is the spark that has reignited my love of Astronomy. Under Bortle Class 5 skies but local light pollution from LED streetlights on both sides of my front yard… Stellina Shines

OPT Telescopes Vaonis STELLINA Smart Telescope ReviewOPT Telescopes Vaonis STELLINA Smart Telescope ReviewOPT Telescopes Vaonis STELLINA Smart Telescope Review
Colin F.
United States United States

This telescope is amazing. If you want to find, view and image deep space objects without having to be an electronics engineer messing with guiding, focus, tracking, then this is the scope for you. The first time you use it, you almost can’t believe how awesome it is.

United States United States

Great service on time stellina is fantastic pictures are high quality a really great out of this world experience

OPT Telescopes Vaonis STELLINA Smart Telescope ReviewOPT Telescopes Vaonis STELLINA Smart Telescope ReviewOPT Telescopes Vaonis STELLINA Smart Telescope Review
Michael I.
United States United States
Lives up to the hype!

An amazing telescope. Does what it says - takes full colour images, no mucking about, there and then on iPad or iPhone. I was impressed. It is expensive, but I think in a few years, most brand-name telescope manufacturers will be making similar instruments as this, but at a cheaper price. It is also heavy, but Vionis are bringing out a dedicated backpack designed for the ‘scope, in September. If you have the money, buy one, its great fun.

OPT Telescopes Vaonis STELLINA Smart Telescope ReviewOPT Telescopes Vaonis STELLINA Smart Telescope ReviewOPT Telescopes Vaonis STELLINA Smart Telescope Review
United States United States
Amazing product

Worth the wait, here is my first shot of the moon.

OPT Telescopes Vaonis STELLINA Smart Telescope Review
Phillip V.
United States United States

I was fully aware of the delay involved with ordering my Stellina due to the state of the pandemic. OPT was good about updating the status of when delivery would take place. The wait of five months was well worth it. My Stellina arrived in a very secure box and in perfect shape. Of course, the best experience was using my Stellina. I'm a long-time stargazer with multiple scopes. I've tried to hunt down deep sky objects over the years with limited success. In just two sessions, I was in awe of viewing M106, the Leo Triplet, M87, M13, & the Lagoon Nebula! The waning crescent Moon was knockout wonderful (despite clouds rolling in and out). No, it's not met for planetary viewing but I sure wish I had Stellina during the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction to get an image of them. Stellina has its critics but, as far as I am concerned, it will meet the needs of a broader public. We need more people involved with astronomy and Stellina helps expand that audience.I look forward to a lifetime of personal enjoyment and with sharing my images to others.

OPT Telescopes Vaonis STELLINA Smart Telescope Review