ZWO Nikon Lens Adapter for Filter Wheel - 2"

Brand: ZWO


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  • Nikon lens adapter to connect your Nikon lens to the 2" EFW (filter wheel)
  • Thread: M54 x 0.75

Product Details

  • This Nikon lens adapter from ZWO is intended to connect a Nikon lens to the 2" EFW. The thread of the interface is M54 x 0.75, meaning that it can only be mounted onto the 2" EFW. It is not suitable for 1.25", 31 mm, or 36 mm EFW. NOTE: The sensor tilt adapter will need to be removed before you connect the camera to the 2" EFW.

    Adapter Type  Canon (EF Mount) Nikon (F Mount) Thread
    Lens Adapter Only
    ZWO-EOS-T2-II ZWO-NIKON-T2-II M42 x 0.75
    Lens Adapter w/ Filter Drawer ZWO-FD-EOS ZWO-FD-Nikon

    M42 x 0.75

    Additional Filter Holder for Filter Drawer ZWO-F-HLDR-DSLR ZWO-F-HLDR-DSLR

    Lens Adapter to 2" ZWO Filter Wheel (ASI6200, 2400, and 2600 cameras) ZWO-EFW2-EOS ZWO-EFW2-NIKON M54 x 0.75
    Lens Adapter to 1.25"/31mm/36mm ZWO Filter Wheels & Other Cameras ZWO-EFW-EOS-II ZWO-EFW-NIKON-II M42 x 0.75


    Connection Method:


    Detailed Installation Instructions:

    1. Prepare the ASI camera, Nikon lens adapter, Nikon lens, 2" EFW, screwdriver, and hexagon wrench

    2. Use the hexagon wrench that is included with the camera to remove the sensor tilt adapter

    3. Use the screwdriver to remove the back cover of the EFW

    4. Disassemble the filter wheel carousel. NOTE: Please do NOT disassemble or move the central screw of this carousel, otherwise the EFW will be damaged

    5. Align the four screw holes of the EFW with these in the four corners of the camera chip as shown below. Tighten the screws

    6. Reassemble the EFW

    7. Mount the Nikon lens adapter on the back cover of the EFW

    8. Connect the Nikon Lens to the adapter

    9. Enjoy your set-up!

  • specifications

    Warranty2 Year Warranty
  • included items

    • Nikon lens adapter to connect your Nikon lens to the 2" EFW (filter wheel)
    • Thread: M54 x 0.75

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