ZWO Filter Drawer for Nikon Lens

Brand: ZWO

SKU : ZWO-FD-Nikon

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  • Filter drawer designed for connecting a Nikon lens to a ZWO ASI cooled camera.
  • 29mm thickness housing 2-inch filters.
  • Compatible with ASI1600/294/183/071/533/2600/6200/2400

Product Details

  • This filter drawer designed for a Nikon lens has a thickness of 29mm and is perfect for housing 2-inch filters when connecting a Nikon lens to an ASI cooled camera.

    To connect to a full-frame camera, you will need an M54M-M42F adapter.

    Adapter Type  Canon (EF Mount) Nikon (F Mount) Thread
    Lens Adapter Only
    ZWO-EOS-T2-II ZWO-NIKON-T2-II M42 x 0.75
    Lens Adapter w/ Filter Drawer ZWO-FD-EOS ZWO-FD-Nikon

    M42 x 0.75

    Additional Filter Holder for Filter Drawer ZWO-F-HLDR-DSLR ZWO-F-HLDR-DSLR

    Lens Adapter to 2" ZWO Filter Wheel (ASI6200, 2400, and 2600 cameras) ZWO-EFW2-EOS ZWO-EFW2-NIKON M54 x 0.75
    Lens Adapter to 1.25"/31mm/36mm ZWO Filter Wheels & Other Cameras ZWO-EFW-EOS-II ZWO-EFW-NIKON-II M42 x 0.75


    Default compatibility with all ASI cooled cameras having a 17.5mm back focus distance including the following camera series:

    • ASI1600
    • ASI294
    • ASI183
    • ASI071
    • AS533
    • ASI2600
    • ASI6200
    • ASI2400
  • specifications

    Back Focus29mm
    Camera/Eyepiece Side ConnectionMale M42x0.75
    Filter ConnectionFemale M48x0.75
  • included items

    • ZWO Nikon Filter Drawer

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