Spectrum 12X12" Solar Optical Thin Film Sheet

Brand: Spectrum Telescopes


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Product Details

  • Spectrum 12X12" Solar Optical Thin Film Sheet

    These thin black film sheets are designed to ensure maximum safety for viewing the solar system directly, and block almost all but .001% of sunlight, giving you a safe view of the sun that won't cause damage to your eyesight or eyes in general. The size of the sheet is quite large, allowing you to adapt it to whatever kind of viewing or imaging equipment you are choosing to use; whether that is a pair of binoculars, a telescope, a spotting scope, or a view finder. It can be used both for direct, safe, viewing of a solar eclipse, or to create handmade eclipse viewers and solar filters from the thin film. This material is easy to work with, but very sturdy when being used as intended. Prior to using this film to look at the sun, please be sure to take the time to check for pinholes, scratches, or tears that can compromise the safety of the filter, as despite it's durability, anything is possible- and it is always preferable to take the time to check, and avoid risk entirely.

    Manufacturer Product Number: ST12X12SS

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