SBIG STC-7 Pro Pack

Brand: Diffraction Ltd.


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Pro Pack includes:

STC-7, StarCahser SC-2, and ACC18 Spacer

Product Details

  • SBIG STC-7

    Get stunning images on your first night. You can easily connect the STC-7 to your telescope via either the front T-Thread mount or the included 2″ focuser adapter. The integrated filter wheel design ensures minimal back-focus distance for maximum compatibility with modestsized refractors, and small catadioptric or Newtonian telescopes.

    The STC-7 package also includes MaxIm LT for Windows – all the software you need to take images, calibrate, stack, and do essential image processing. Other software is supported via included ASCOM drivers. Mac OS and Linux drivers are also available.

    For even better results, the STC-7 is compatible with our SBIG StarChaser SC-2 off-axis guide camera for accurate guiding of your telescope. The StarChaser also supports the SBIG AO-8A adaptive optics accessory, which helps you get pinpoint star images.

    The SBIG STC-7 camera highlights:

    • High sensitivity, low noise 7.1 megapixel Sony IMX428 imaging sensor for results in less time
    • SmartCooling™ active temperature regulation to 0.1°C for high calibration stability
    • Electronic global shutter for fast exposure times (0.001 to 3600 s) for bright and faint targets
    • Integrated 8-Position Filter Wheel with LRGB + Halpha, OIII, and SII filters, plus an opaque filter for dark frames. No need to buy extras
    • High-speed USB 3.0 interface and USB 2.0 compatible for longer cables
    • Compatible with SBIG StarChaser SC-2 off-axis guiding camera for precise star tracking
    • Downloads in under 90 milliseconds (depending on computer speed)
    • Supports AO-8A adaptive optics unit via StarChaser SC-2 makes real-time corrections
    • StackPro™ automatic in-camera subexposure stacking saves disk space
    • MaxIm LT control software so you are ready to go on the first night
    • Regulated two-stage cooling with delta T of -30°C for low noise on warm nights
    • Multiplatform software API and sample code available for software developers

    SBIG StarChaser

    Stop wasting time with ruined exposures caused by flexure between the main camera and guider. Off-axis guiding eliminates this problem by using the same optical path for the main camera and the guider. Unlike most off-axis guider assemblies that are awkward to use, consume too much back focus, and require you to precisely position a camera inside an eyepiece holder, the slim, integrated design of the SBIG StarChaser makes this a breeze.

    The StarChaser SC-2 works with the SBIG STF, STC and Aluma series cameras, the FW8-8300 and FW8S-ALUMA standard filter wheels respectively, and the optional AO-8A adaptive optics unit. The larger SC-3 works with the SBIG STX/STXL and AC-series cameras and AO-X tip-tilt adaptive optics units.

    The SBIG StarChaser features include:

    • Monochrome astronomical CMOS sensor
    • 1280 x 1024 CMOS sensor with 4.8 μm pixels, an ideal match for common telescopes
    • Electromechanical shutter
    • Convenient dark frames, ideal for robotic automation
    • Adjustable pick-off mirror
    • Easy focus and simple to lock in position with minimal vignetting
    • USB 2.0 interface
    • Supports longer cable lengths than USB 3.0
    • ST-4 guide port
    • Controls telescope mount for round stars, precise tracking
    • Auxiliary control port
    • Control optional tip/tilt adaptive optics unit
    • DL Imaging drivers and multi-platform SDK
    • Support for Window® 7 through 10, MacOS® 10.14, and Canonical® Ubuntu Linux 18.04 LTS. ASCOM driver included for Windows
    • Cyanogen Imaging® MaxIm LT Imaging software
    • Get up and running immediately with the included image acquisition and processing software. Upgradable to MaxIm DL Pro for robotic automation, telescope and observatory control

  • specifications

    ADC12 bit
    Mega Pixels5 to 8 MP
    Pixel Array3208 x 2200
    Sensor TypeCMOS
    SensorSony IMX42
  • included items

    • STC-7
    • Integrated filter wheel
    • LRGB filters
    • Narrowband filters
    • StarChaser SC-2
    • ACC18 spacer

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