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  • Radian Telescopes Quick-Release Carbon Fiber Tripod
  • Universal Astro Pan Head - 22lb Capacity

Product Details

  • Introducing the Radian Tripod & Universal Astro Pan Head bundle! With this bundle, you have everything you need to take steady, tripod-mounted images with your DSLR or Mirrorless camera. Taking long exposures is easy with this setup, so it's perfect for capturing the night sky in detail! The Universal Astro Pan Head is a fluid movement panning head, making it perfect for getting smooth panning video shots as well. And for all of you astrophotographers out there, the Radian Carbon Fiber tripod features a standard 3/8" thread so you can attach your favorite star tracker such as the Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer Pro or the iOptron SkyGuider Pro.

    Radian Telescopes Quick-Release Carbon Fiber Tripod

    Has a one-button, SafeLock quick-release plate that is perfect for easy connection with travel and premium astrophotography trackers and mounts.

    Grab and Go Simplicity

    Lightweight (<5lb) carbon fiber design and Radian field bag allow you to simply grab and go explore. Additional SafeLock quick-release plates are available to attach to multiple setups.

    • Standard 3/8" tripod connection fits DSLRs, Milky Way trackers, and premium portable mounts by Hobym and iOptron
    • Additional Radian Quick-Release Plates can be purchased separately
    • 55 lb load capacity
    • 3 leg angle positions with 4 expandable sections provide versatility
    • Oversized rubber grips for easy leg adjustment
    • Built-in bubble level
    • Interchangeable rubber and metal feet for a range of surfaces
    • Underside counterbalance hook for use with heavier systems. You can even hang your camera bag!
    • Adjustable clutch settings allows you to fine-tune positioning and better manage cables
    • Additional 3/8" mounting port for mounting field batteries and other accessories
    • Removable leg can also attach with the bearing plate to create an expandable monopod

    Technical Specs

    • 1520 mm (59.84-inches) full height with legs extended.
    • ~500 mm (~20-inches) normal working height with legs collapsed
    • 86 mm (3.4-inch)  top-plate to bottom of hook length
    • 560 mm (22-inches) folded height
    • 2.07 kg (4.56-pounds) weight
    • 25 kg (55.1-pounds) max load

    Universal Astro Pan Head - 22lb Capacity

    The Universal Astro Pan Head is your all-in-one answer for manual camera mounting. Sturdy, secure, and fluid head movement ensures easy and quick adjustments. Best used with camera setups no more than 22lb in total including DSLR and Mirrorless cameras.

    Features and Specs of the Pan Head:

    • Quick-release plate for effortless versatility
    • Damping adjustment for a safer automatic rebound after pressing
    • Aluminum alloy with anodizing treatment
    • 3/8 Screw hole at the base
  • included items

    • Aluminum alloy with anodizing treatment pan head
    • 3/8 Screw hole at the base
    • Quick-release plate


     *returns disclaimer - individual bundle products will not be accepted for returns, only entire bundle order

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