Meade Lightbridge 10" Plus f/5 Dobsonian Reflecting Telescope

  • Ideal for backyard observatories.
  • Design allows for increased portability over standard solid-tube designs.
  • Able to provide easy setup and teardown.
  • No-tool assembly.
  • Aperture: 254 mm (10 inches).
  • Focal Ratio: f/5.

This item has an extended backorder and is expected to be available in early 2021, per the Manufacturer.

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Meade Lightbridge 10" Plus f/5 Dobsonian Reflecting Telescope

The Meade Lightbridge 10-inch Plus has a modern, sleek design that incorporates a no-tool assembly build. These telescopes have a large light-gathering capability to provide bright, clear images when viewing deep-space objects such as galaxies, nebulae, planets, and much more.

Available in 10, 12, & 16-inch apertures, this open truss design allows for increased portability over standard solid-tube designs and is able to provide easy setup and teardown for a large aperture telescope.

The redesigned Dobsonian base has a no-tool assembly and provides improved stability. Includes premium features such as roller bearings, a hand-adjustable variable tension brake for smooth and stable movement, and a mounted eyepiece holder that can carry (1) 2-inch and (3) 1.25-inch eyepieces for your convenience.

Features of The Meade Lightbridge 10 Telescope

  • 2-inch, 2-speed Rack and Pinion Focuser. The Rack & Pinion design includes a 10:1 fine focus knob for precise focusing and includes a Vernier scale with millimeter markings on the drawtube to assist with focusing accuracy.
  • A 3-element, fully multi-coated  2-inch Series 4000 26 mm Eyepiece - providing a 56-degree apparent field of view -  and an aluminum Red-Dot Viewfinder.
  • Meade’s AutoStar Suite Astronomer Edition- displaying more than 15,000 celestial wonders, this software allows you to view the night sky, constellations, planet positions and more from any location.
  • The LightBridge Plus Series provides high-quality Meade optics, ultra-portability, and remarkable performance for one affordable price. Get the aperture you’ve always wanted and open the doors to a whole new universe with Meade’s LightBridge Plus.


Aperture254 mm (10")
Camera/Eyepiece Connection2" Nosepiece
Dawes Limit0.46 arcseconds
Focal Length1270 mm
Focal Ratiof/5
Free ShippingYes
Head DesignAltitude Azimuth
Highest Magnification508x
Light Gathering Power1317x
Limiting Magnitude15.8
Optical DesignDobsonian


  • 10-inch LightBridge Plus Dobsonian Telescope.
  • 2-inch Series 4000 26 mm Eyepiece.
  • Red-Dot Viewfinder.