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Meade Telescope Accessories

Meade is a leading provider of telescopes and astrographs designed to make astronomy accessible and enjoyable for everyone at every level of experience. The California-based company’s products include a full line of reflector and refractor telescopes, solar telescopes, optical tube assemblies, and advanced coma-free telescopes for excellent views and images of night sky objects. Meade also produces an array of accessories designed to provide the best viewing experience with its telescopes. Here’s a look at popular Meade telescope accessories for beginners and seasoned observers alike.

Meade AudioStar Hand Controller $199.99

Meade is dedicated to using technology to enhance the viewing experience, and the Meade AudioStar Hand Controller is a budget-friendly computerized control system for use with GoTo telescope systems. The AudioStar Hand Controller includes a 30,000 object database and GoTo functionality for fast alignment, plus pre-recorded audio presentations for further learning. The AudioStar Controller is compatible with most Meade telescope models except the Meade ETXLS.

Meade #126 2X Barlow -1.25” $49.99

The Meade #126 2X Barlow lens is a short Barlow lens designed to fit the star diagonal of Meade ETX Maksutov-Cassegrain scopes. This lens is recommended for current Meade DS series refractors and reflectors and some older models. However, it can also be used in the 1.25” star diagonal of any other telescope type for double magnification. The Meade #126 TX Barlow lens has a multi-achromatic glass doublet lens and weighs just 3 ounces for easy transport in your telescope kit.

Meade Equatorial Wedge for 8” ACF and SC Models $299.99

The Meade Equatorial Wedge turns a 7 or 8-inch Alt-Azimuth telescope into an equatorial mount for taking long exposure images of 5 minutes or more. The wedge comes with a latitude adjuster and bubble level for precisely leveling the telescope and an azimuth adjustment for helping with polar alignment and precise tracking.

Meade #62 T-Adapter for Prime Focus Astrophotography $49.99

The Meade #62 T-Adapter is designed for prime-focus astrophotography using SCT, Maksutove, or ED/APO refractors. It’s compatible with all Meade LS, LX90, and LX200 models, including ACF and older Schmidt-Cassegrains designs having a standard Schmidt-Cassegrain type rear cell thread. That allows the #62 T-Adapter to thread directly to the rear cell of the telescope without an eyepiece holder. For a film-based SLR camera, you’ll need to order a separate T-Mount for your specific camera brand.

If you have any questions about finding the right Meade telescope accessories for your viewing needs, we’re here to help. Contact the OPT team for expert guidance on your journey into the world of astronomy.