Meade Equatorial Wedge for 8" ACF & SC Models

Brand: Meade

SKU : ME-07002

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  • Turns your 7-inch or 8-inch LX200 or LX400 Alt-Azimuth telescope into an equatorial mount so that you can take long-exposures!
  • Latitude Adjuster.
  • Bubble level.
  • Hardware.

Product Details

  • The Meade Equatorial Wedge for 8" ACF & SC Models turns your Alt-Azimuth telescope into an equatorial model so that you can take long-exposure (over 5 minutes) photographs and record stars as pinpoints instead of streaks. The addition of a properly aligned wedge aligns your telescope's axis of rotation to the earth's axis of rotation, which eliminates field rotation.

    It comes with an Azimuth adjustment to allow you to rotate the wedge without picking up the tripod, helping with polar alignment. Also included is a latitude adjuster. The latitude you set your wedge at will depend upon your location. The 8-inch equatorial wedge allows for adjustment from 15 degrees to 64 degrees. A bubble level is included to help make easy work of leveling your telescope, which is essential for precise tracking.

    Features of the Meade Equatorial Wedge:

    • Heavy-duty cast aluminum construction.
    • A compass to use the magnetic pole as a starting reference.
    • Modifies an Alt-Azimuth mount to Equatorial performance.
    • It also includes latitude and azimuth adjustments.
    • Heavy-duty cast aluminum construction.
    • Bubble level makes easy work of leveling out your telescope.
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    • Meade Equatorial Wedge for 8" ACF & SC Models

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