Lunt Solar 100mm Universal Telescope Observer Package

Brand: Lunt Solar


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  • Professional Grade APO Triplet OTA
  • The 100 mm Telescope joins Lunt Solar Systems’ new Universal day and night line-up, allowing you to enjoy the complete range of astronomical observation using only one telescope
  • With 100 mm of aperture, this scope is big enough to impress in any of its configurations, while retaining a transportation-friendly form factor for use during the day or night
  • Like all of Lunt’s Universal Telescopes, our 100 mm supports multiple wavelength configurations

Product Details

  • Enjoy everything the Sun has to offer — prominences, surface granulation, active regions, filaments and more seem to leap from our closest star, all captured in the stellar quality performance you expect from a Lunt Telescope.

    When the Sun sets, simply remove your hydrogen alpha module, replace your focuser, and let the nighttime in!

    The Lunt 100 mm packs a powerful triplet ED APO lens (FPL53 glass) that will guide you across the Milky Way in stunning detail. Now you have a top-of-the-line, extra-low dispersion (ED) nighttime telescope to view planets, stars, the Moon and anything else in between!

    B1200 Blocking Filter

    A Blocking Filter is a required component when using any Lunt solar filter or solar telescope products. The housing contains additional filters that are needed for safety when viewing the Sun. Do not use a Lunt Solar Systems telescope or filter without a Lunt brand blocking filter. Lunt Solar can only warranty safety or performance when one of their blocking filters is paired with a Lunt H-alpha filter or telescope.

    Focal Length Suggestions for Visual Use:

    • B600 : For visual use on telescopes with focal lengths up to 600 mm
    • B1200: For visual use on telescopes with focal lengths up to 1200
    • B1800: For visual use on telescopes with focal lengths up to 1800 mm
    • B3400: For visual use on telescopes with focal lengths up to 3400 mm

    When imaging with a Lunt Solar System it is recommended that the user opt for the next larger blocking filter than that recommended for visual use. This is due to the fact that most imaging systems require additional “back focus”. It’s important to realize that the blocking filter be moved further up the light cone. As a result, the aperture of the blocking filter needs to be larger to allow for the larger cone size.

    Focal Length Suggestions for Imaging Use:

    • B600: For imaging use on telescopes with focal lengths up to 400 mm
    • B1200: For imaging use on telescopes with focal lengths up to 600 mm
    • B1800: For imaging use on telescopes with focal lengths up to 1200 mm
    • B3400: For imaging use on telescopes with focal lengths up to 1800 mm

    2" Rack & Pinion Focuser

    2" White Light Solar Wedges

    For solar white light imaging and white light visual observing. The Lunt White Light Wedges come with a built in ND3 filter. Notably, this allows perfectly safe imaging or visual observing of the Sun. Alternatively, if you wish to do visual observing we recommend dimming the image for your eyes with a Polarizing Filter. First put one Polarizing Filter on the bottom of your eyepiece. Then adjust the brightness to your comfort by rotating the eyepiece.

    The 2” version allows for 2” eyepieces and has a 2” barrel for the focuser. The 2″ model performs best on refractors with apertures of 6” or less. As long as you can reach focus for imaging with a standard star diagonal on your night time telescope, you will be able to reach focus when imaging with Lunt White Light Solar Wedges.

    2" Polarizing Filter for White Light Wedges

    A Polarizing Filter will help control the brightness of the Sun’s image when using a Lunt White Light Wedge visually.

    When doing visual work with Lunt White Light Wedges, Lunt Solar recommends adding a Polarizing Filter for more comfortable viewing. Simply screw the filter onto the barrel of your eyepiece, and then adjust the brightness of the scene by rotating the top-most filter.

    Zoom Telescope Eyepiece

    General Features:

    • Lunt flat-field zoom telescope eyepiece is coated with 0.1% anti-reflective coatings – the same coatings we use on our etalons
    • Use these eyepieces for nighttime as well as when viewing the Sun
    • 1.25″ barrel

    Lunt 7.2 mm – 21.5mm Telescope Eyepiece Specs:

    • Focal length: 7.2 mm – 21.5 mm
    • Barrel size: 1.25″
    • Diameter: 47 mm
    • Height: 82 mm
    • Eye relief: 15 mm
    • Lenses / Groups: 7 lenses / 4 Groups
    • Field of View: 7.2 mm – 53° – 21.5 mm – 40°

    1.25" Star Diagonal

    Use for lunar, planetary, deep space viewing

    2″ to 1.25″ Adapter

    Need to adapt your Lunt Solar Systems 2″ Blocking Filter down to a 1.25″ design? This will do the trick, but it also will perform nicely any time you need to use a 1.25″ eyepiece or accessory in a 2″ diagonal or focuser. Non-marring brass compression ring holds your accessories safely!

    1.25" Diagonal for Terrestrial Viewing

    Great for terrestrial viewing, spotting and astronomical uses

  • specifications

    Aperture100mm (4")
    Bandpass<0.45 Angstrom (Double Stack)
    Bandpass<0.65 Angstrom (Single Stack)
    Focal Length714mm
    Focal Ratiof/7
    Glass TypeFLP53
    Highest Magnification175x
    Optical DesignSolar
    Optical DesignTriplet Refractor
    Tube Weight12.7 lb
  • included items

    • Lunt 100 mm Universal Day & Night OTA
    • Ring set assembly with 8" vixen style dovetail and Red Dot Sun Finder handle
    • Hard case with custom foam insert
    • B1200 blocking filter
    • Rack & Pinion Focuser
    • 2" White Light Solar Wedges: ND3 pre-installed filter, carrying case, and die cut foam with room for accessories
    • 2" Polarizing Filter
    • Zoom Telescope Eyepiece
    • 1.25" Star Diagonal
    • 2" to 1.25" focuser adapter
    • 1.25" diagonal for terrestrial viewing

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