FLI Kepler 6060 Back-Illuminated sCMOS Camera - Grade 1 Sensor

  • This camera has an imaging area of 61.4 x 62 mm (87.2 diagonal).
  • Low readout noise of 3.0 e-.
  • Perfect for highly precise scientific imaging.
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FLI Kepler 6060 Back-Illuminated sCMOS Camera - Grade 1 Sensor

The FLI KL6060 Back-Illuminated sCMOS camera has the same sensitivity and imaging area as the CCD230-84 CCD, but with a fraction of the noise even at multiple frames per second. Kepler-cooled sCMOS cameras provide ultra-high sensitivity, ultra-low noise, and high framerates all at a game-changing price to performance ratio.


ADC16 bit
Color or MonoMonochrome
Delta T50°C Below Ambient
Dynamic Range15.1 Stops
Full Well102ke
Max Frame Rate11fps
Mega Pixels37.7 mp
Peak QE71%
Pixel Array6144 x 6144
Pixel Size10 microns
Read Noise3e
Sensor Diagonal86.9mm
Sensor TypeCMOS
SensorGPixel GSENSE6060