Astronomy for Beginners

The First Step

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Getting started in astronomy—and especially buying your first telescope—can be daunting to those not familiar with the hobby.

Whether you’re looking for your first scope, browsing gift ideas for a loved one, or you want to upgrade to a modern telescope system, this guide is for you.

We want you to easily use the telescope when it arrives, not spend days researching what to do and fumbling around like those cliché commercials.

The best way to learn is to get out there and do it, but we’ll equip you with some basic info first!

Are you ready? Follow the steps below to get started!

  1. Use the interactive Beginner Telescope Flow Chart to find what’s best for what you want to do.
    1. Do you prefer to look through an eyepiece at the planets and cosmos above? Follow the visual path!
    2. Eager to get started with astrophotography and image the night sky? Pick your mount and telescope from the chart and we’ll help with the rest. Contact one of our experts to assist you step by step!
  2. If you want to learn more about all of this, check out the articles below on basic telescope types and basic camera types.

Quick Guide


Basic Telescope Types:

Find out the differences between the three main types of telescopes - Refractor, Reflector, and Catadioptric. Learn which type is best for you!

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Telescope Camera Types:

Do you know the different types of CCD and CMOS Telescope Cameras? They can vary greatly with some specializing in deep-space astrophotography, Planetary Imaging, and even Video, while others are used primarily for guiding and even research. Learn more about each type here, including top recommendations for each!

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The Best Astrophotography Setups for Beginners:

In this guide, we’ve made it easy for you to get all the tools you need to start imaging. From camera trackers and DSLR Cameras, to more complex telescope packages and dedicated astronomy cameras, there’s a setup for everyone!

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Top 10 Best Telescopes under $300:

On a budget and looking for an entry level telescope? Check out this guide! We’ve hand-picked the Best Telescopes under $300 to get you on a fast-track to exploring the Universe without breaking the bank.

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Top 5 Deep Space Objects for Beginners:

You have the tools you need to begin Astrophotography but not quite sure what to point your setup to, now what? This quick guide will help you navigate some of the most popular deep-space targets so you can beginner capturing them today (weather permitting)!

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Must-Have Apps:

As technology progresses, so do resources and software. These apps are essential for easy and comprehensive navigation of the night sky, to get you exploring like a pro! Some apps even integrate with telescope setups for an overall easy and automated experience

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DSLR Starter Series


Want to get started with astrophotography tonight? Grab your DSLR and a tripod and let this guide lead you to success!

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Take your imaging to the next level with this guide on getting the perfect exposures no matter what camera you’re using.

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DSLR Astrophotography 101: Photo Editing

Not sure why your astrophotos aren’t turning out as well as the ones you see on this internet? Follow this guide for the best methods in image processing and photo editing!

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