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Clear Skies Network brings the global astronomy community straight to your home living room with world-class guest speakers, who sometimes invite special guests of their own!

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Learn more about what makes the TPO 10-inch Newtonian a high-performing telescope from OPT experts. The 10-inch TPO imaging Newtonian is an f/4 system perfect for deep space photos.

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Watch this video to learn more about the popular Spectrum Telescope solar filters used by astronomers during the 2017 solar eclipse! OPT experts walk you through the different Spectrum telescope solar filters and provide tips for your solar success. Learn more here!

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OPT experts walk you through the essential step to capture stunning astro-images, which is polar alignment. Learning this astrophotography skill is important, especially when it comes to longer focal lengths.

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Learn how to use the Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer to get that perfect polar alignment every time! Having precise polar alignment will help you produce brighter and clearer astrophotography images.

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Spacejunk Podcast

Join Tony Darnell from DeepAstronomy and Dustin Gibson from OPT for deep space, deep talks, and all the junk in between.

Click the link below to listen in now!

SpaceJunk Podcast

Every week Tony and Dustin answer your questions on amateur astronomy and provide the latest information on gear, software, and more!