Telescope and Observatory Automation: What You Need to Know


Tony Darnell from DeepAstronomy and Dustin Gibson from OPT Telescopes overview how far you can really take telescope automation on this episode of Space Junk. Learn tips from the pros about each part that goes into an automated astrophotography setup to get the best results for your success. Also, stay tuned for the end when Dustin answers your much-anticipated question about Radian swag!

Timestamps for Telescope and Observatory Automation: What You Need to Know

1:27 – “We are gathered here today...”  

2:38 – What is true automation? 

3:30 – Is there such thing as modifying too much?  

5:08 – What gear helps with polar aligning, setting date and time, and more for imaging.  

6:15 – Automating imaging  

9:06 – GoTo systems 

9:46 – Focuser ideas  

15:08 – Using fast focusers like the RASA 

17:02 – Review of what you need to get started with automating your telescope 

17:33 – How important it is to have permanently mounted equipment  

20:15 – The kind of computer you should use to automate your telescope 

27:41 – What kind of software do automated telescopes and observatories use? 

33:12 – Automating processing with software used to automate your telescope  

38:27 – Filter wheels and automated systems  

45:50 – Quality telescopes last for generations  

48:28 – More tips on picking filters and filter wheels for your camera  

53:55 – Automated telescopes for super beginners: STELLINA & eVscope 

1:01 – Newly released Radian T-shirt!  

What would you include in the perfect automated system? Let us know in the comments below!

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