Spectrum Telescope Solar Filters

Learn more about how to use Spectrum Telescope solar filters and the difference between glass and black polymer filters from OPT experts!

Spectrum Telescope Solar Filter Types

Spectrum Telescope solar filters offer glass and black polymer filters that are a great tool to use for solar viewing like the 2017 solar eclipse as mentioned in the video. A popular feature of Spectrum Telescope solar filters is that they produce a nice orange-yellow tint. Learn more about the differences below.

Glass Solar Filters

  • Better contrast with a bit higher price point.

    Black Polymer Filters

    • Durable and lower price point.

    Tips for buying a Spectrum Telescope Solar Filter

    • When shopping for your solar filter, measure your scope's outside diameter.
    • Choose a solar filter size one size above your scope's outside diameter.
    • You don't need to tighten the thumb screws all the way just as long as they are secure.

    Check out our Spectrum Telescope solar filter collection here. Contact us if you have any questions. Clear Skies!

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