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Narrow your search on the best beginner deep space cameras with this list put together by OPT experts! See the stunning results that some OPT team members have captured with these beginner deep space cameras. See the pictures here!

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The countdown has begun for a new Radian Telescope! Check back to this page for updates. Clear Skies!

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Stop your search on astrophotography cameras and bookmark this page! OPT experts have put together this guide on planetary and lunar cameras based on experience and results. See the best planetary and lunar astrophotography cameras here!

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Mark your calendar and save the date for these astronomy events heading this month! You can also download the free calendars provided to you by OPT. Clear Skies!

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Find the best telescopes for beginners at OPT! Our vast collection of amateur telescopes include features like easy setup, kid-friendly, and portability. Start your astronomy journey here!

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Spacejunk Podcast

Join Tony Darnell from DeepAstronomy and Dustin Gibson from OPT for deep space, deep talks, and all the junk in between.

Click the link below to listen in now!

SpaceJunk Podcast

Every week Tony and Dustin answer your questions on amateur astronomy and provide the latest information on gear, software, and more!