ZWO ASI294 Color CMOS Telescope Camera

Brand: ZWO


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  • Planetary and Deep-Sky Imaging.
  • Pixel Array: 4144 x 2822.
  • Pixel Size: 4.63 microns.
  • Sensor: IMX294CIK.

Product Details

  • TheZWO ASI294 is a CMOS camera that helps you capture spectacular images of planetary, solar, and lunar celestial objects. With its ability to focus on more than nearby objects, image deep-sky objects too!

    The ZWO ASI294 Specifications At a Glance

    For solar imaging, the ZWO ASI294 camera can record full 11 mp videos at 19 frames per second and capture the entire Sun with a 1350 mm focal length.



    Unique Features of the ZWO ASI294

    Known for its light-gathering efficiency, low read noise and high-resolution, clearand bright images are easy to produce. Check out why below!

    Sony IMX294 CMOS Sensor

    • Records up to 11-megapixel images on a Micro four-thirds format.
    • The camera has a dynamic range of 9 to 13 stops depending on gain settings.
    • Read noise levels can be adjusted between 1.2 and 7.3 electrons.
    • TIP: If you set the gain to 120 DB you can get almost the full 13 stops dynamic range with a dread noise of 1.7 electrons! 

    Optimal ADC

    Capture high-definition images with this camera’s refined ability to cancel out atmospheric dispersion. If you didn’t know, light slightly bends as it comes into our atmosphere. Adjusting your ADC will help you achieve sharper images than that of the ASI1600. Technically, with a 14bit ADC, your camera can achieve 13 stops dynamic range and 63700e full-well depth. 


  • specifications

    ADC14 bit
    Back Focus6.5 mm
    Camera ConnectionM42 x 0.75
    Color or MonoColor
    Delta T45C
    Dynamic Range13.1 Stops
    Free ShippingYes
    Full Rez Frame Rate16fps
    Full Well63.7ke
    Max Frame Rate19fps
    Mega Pixels11.7 mp
    Peak QE75%
    Pixel Array4144 x 2822
    Pixel Size4.63 microns
    Read Noise7.5e
    Sensor Diagonal23.2 mm
    Sensor TypeCMOS
    SensorSony IMX294CIK
    Weight0.26 lbs
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    ASI294MC Uncooled Included Items

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