ZWO ASI 1600 Pro Mini Monochrome Cooled CMOS Telescope Camera Kit

Brand: ZWO


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  • Great for Deep Space and Planetary Imaging!
  • Includes ASI1600MM Pro Camera, Filters, and The Mini EFW (Holds 5 Filters)!
  • ZWO ASI1600 has a Resolution of 4656 x 3520.
  • Minimal Thermal Noise.

Product Details

  • This set includes the ASI 1600 Pro Mini and Filter Wheel Kit 1 with 1.25-inch LRGB Filters by ZWO.

    Use a variety of filters to capture mesmerizing images of deep space, lunar, planetary, and even solar images! With the convenience of having multiple filters and accessories in one package, you can capture celestial objects in the Universe in a shorter amount of time! 


    At the Heart of the ZWO ASI 1600 Pro is the Panasonic MN34230 CMOS Sensor which is known for its exceptional light gathering efficiency, low read noise, and high resolution. The sensor will record up to 16-megapixel images on a Micro Four Thirds format. The peak quantum efficiency of this CMOS detector is at an impressive 60% and has a dynamic range of 9 to 12.5 stops, depending on gain settings. It has twice the megapixels, and is 30% more efficient than the 8300! Produce vivid and high-contrast images with the ZWO ASI1600 Pro.

    As a deep space camera, the ASI 1600 can reach temperatures 45-degrees centigrade below the ambient temperature bringing the thermal noise in your images down to a minimum. With a read noise of 1.2 to 3.8 electrons (depending on gain settings), long exposures aren’t always necessary. When shooting deep space images at full resolution this camera pairs exceptionally well with telescopes that are 300 mm to 1,000 mm in focal length, and when binned at 2x2, telescopes that are 1,000 mm to 2,000 mm in focal length.

    As a planetary camera, no other camera system can beat the ASI 1600's versatility. For solar imaging, this camera can record full 16 mp videos at 23 frames per second and capture the entire sun with a 1350 mm focal length! If you’re interested in speed shooting planets like Jupiter and Saturn, the ASI 1600 clocks out at 192.4 frames per second at 320x240 resolution!


    The ZWO Electronic Filter Wheel Mini 


    • Fits 5 filters.
    • Rotates in either direction.
    • Accepts either the 1.25-inch or 31 mm sizes.
    • Smallest and most lightweight 1.25-inch electronic filter wheel at only 300 g (0.66-pounds). 
    • Aircraft-grade aluminum body.
    • 20 mm deep design.
    • Powered up by just one USB cable. 
    • Its max power consumption is around 120ma at 5V.

    The distance between the filter and sensor is around 10 mm when connected to an ASI1600 camera, so 1.25-inch filters won't have vignetting up to f/5 and 31 mm filters up to f/2. 

    The New LRGB filters have been optimized for the ASI1600 camera to approximately equalize the flux of the mono sensor and will offer nearly 1:1:1 RGB color balance. They have better transmission, better coating, and better color separation. 


    Filter Thickness: 5.5 mm plus 3.5 mm thread.

    Filter Thread: M28.5x0.6

    OPT Product Number: ZWO-ASI1600MMP-M1

  • specifications

    ADC12 bit
    Back Focus6.5 mm
    Camera ConnectionM42 x 0.75
    Color or MonoMonochrome
    Delta T45C
    Dynamic Range12 Stops
    Free ShippingYes
    Full Rez Frame Rate23fps
    Full Well20ke
    Max Frame Rate320fps
    Mega Pixels16.4 mp
    Peak QE60%
    Pixel Array4656 x 3520
    Pixel Size3.8 microns
    Read Noise1.2e
    Sensor Diagonal22.2 mm
    Sensor TypeCMOS
    SensorPanasonic MN34230
    Weight0.9 lbs
  • included items

    The ASI 1600 Pro Mini
    • ZWO ASI1600MM Pro Camera Body.
    • Camera Bag.
    • T2-1.25-inch Adapter.
    • Quick Guide.
    • T2 extender (21 mm length).
    • T2-M48 extender (16.5 mm length).
    • M42 x 1.25-inch Nosepiece.
    • 1.25-inch Cover.
    • M42 to M48 Adapter.
    • USB 2.0 Short Cables (x2).
    • 2 m long USB3 Cable.
    • Spacers (x2).
    Filter Wheel Kit 1 
    • ZWO 5x1.25-Inch EFW Mini Body.
    • 1.25-inch Holder - T2.
    • T2 Nosepiece.
    • Phillips Screwdriver.
    • A bag of M2 Screws and washers (needed for the 31 mm filters).
    • T2 to T2 Adapter (male).
    • USB2.0 Cable.
    1.25-inch LRGB Filters by ZWO
    • 1.25-Inch RGBL Filter Set
    • Driver and Extra Software CD (Mac, PC, and Linux Compatible)


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