ZWO 1.25-inch H-alpha SII OIII 7nm Filter Set

Brand: ZWO


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  • The ZWO 1.25-inch H-alpha Sii Oiii 7nm Filter Set allows only ionized Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Sulfur emissions to be photographed.
  • These filter will enhance contrast for these elements wavelengths and block most wavelengths produced by city lights.
  • Glass thickness: 1.25 inches.

Product Details

  • The ZWO 1.25-inch H alpha, Sii, Oiii, 7nm Filter Set will reduce the transmission of most wavelengths and only allow certain narrow bands to pass. 

    Technical Specifications of the ZWO 1.25-inch Filter Set

    • FWHM: 7 plus or minus 0.5nm.
    • Glass Thickness 1.9+/-0.03mm (1.25 inches/ 31mm/ 36mm).
    • Fine-optically polished to ensure accurate 1/4 wavefront over both surfaces.
    • About 90% transmission at H-alpha line 656nm (H-Alpha filter).
    • About 90% transmission at Sii line 672nm (Sii filter).
    • About 90% transmission at major Oiii line 500nm (Oiii filter).

  • specifications

    Filter Thickness1.9mm
    Filter TypeH Alpha
    Filter TypeOIII
    Filter TypeSII
    Free ShippingYes
  • included items

    • H-Alpha filter.
    • Sii Filter.
    • Oiii Filter.
    • Case.

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