William Optics Red Dot Finder Kit with Vixen Style Mounting Base


A Red Dot Finder and Bracket Kit!


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William Optics Red Dot Finder Kit with Vixen Style Mounting Base

Here is the All New Vixen Style Red Dot Finder Kit!

This very good quality, practical Red Dot Finder (R.D.F.) comes with a handy, quick -release bracket included in the price.

Centering your objects in the sky has never been easier! Look through the finder with one eye leaving the other open, and you will see one of the four selected LED shapes in the sky.


High quality Manufacturing:

  • Optimized anti-reflection coating.
  • Alt-azimuth adjustment controls.
  • Very compact size, but no plastic-like feel.

 William Optics Red Dot Finder Kit with Vixen Style Mounting Base-front--  William Optics Red Dot Finder Kit with Vixen Style Mounting Base-side--

Quick Release: Quick-release bracket/base included in the price. The new base can be mounted with M5 and M6 screws and has a longer bracket for easier positioning.


Multiple Reticles: Four different selectable reticules with seven different brightness adjustments make it suitable for any lighting condition, including daylight.  


Ideal for Any Scope:

  • Will mount on any scope with a M4 or M5 threaded bracket hole.
  • fully adjustable in Alt-Azimuth.
  • 3V lithium battery (CR2032) included.
  • (A Quick release bracket is available and sold separately.)



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William A.
United States United States
High Quality Materials and Engineering ... Great to Use.

This is great for doing your GOTO alignment. The field of view is wider than a finder scope so the slightly-off alignment stars can't "hide" just outside the field of view. This William Optics Red Dot Finder is well worth the extra cost when compared to the cheaper plastic models on the market. As for as OPT is concerned ... it's the usual great service and fast delivery.

William A.
United States United States
Great Quality ...

I got this, only to make it easier to find my alignment stars. My scope is a Ritchey-Chretien with a FL of 1370 so alignment of the mount to the goto targets in the narrow FOV is critical. But a classic 9x50mm Finder sometimes has the alignment stars out of the relatively narrow field of view so it’s hard to get alignment done at the start of the night. A black Finder scope looking into a dark sky is difficult to point at night. This red dot Finder, on the other hand, has a very large FOV. This makes it easier to find the alignment star and bring it into view in the main OTA. This red dot finder lets you choose from 4 different lighted shapes and 7 levels of brightness. Some people say that even the lowest brightness setting is too bright. But I’ve found that the lowest brightness setting, when used with the small dot shape, works well. This unit allows me to get aligned for the night quickly so my go to targets land in the center of the main scope. So I’m very pleased with the product. It’s money well spent, and the quality is the best I’ve seen ... exactly what I’ve come to expect from William Optics products. Thanks OPT!

Kevin K.
United States United States
William Optics Red Dot Finder

I have used a few different types of finders in my years of astronomy, but none better than a Red Dot Finder. As with all William Optics Products, their finders are of high quality. I have four of these so I don't have to switch them out on my other scopes.If I buy a new scope, I will buy another one of these finders.

Joe B.
United States United States
Poorly Manufactured

The inclination declination screw was cross threaded and not adjustable. OPT handled the issue quickly with a refund. Great store not so great red dot finder.

Somalia Somalia
Can not recommend

The quality of this item is great, I like the size, the mount and the glass but that is all. There is one major problem that for me, will result in the discontinued use of this finder...the fact that the illumination is WAAAAAY to bright! Even at the lowest setting the red dot covers the target star, the cross hairs and the illuminated circles are so bright they completely block out the stars making it difficult to determine if you are actually pointing at the target star. I would like to keep this finder so I am looking for a way in which to reduce the brightness even further such as by placing a filter over the lens? I don't know yet but, if you are new to this hobby, this particular finder may disappoint? By the way, this is actually a weapon sight, it is made for rifles and handguns, the included literature even talks about sighting this in. Williams Optics simply made an aluminum pedestal for the finder and packaged the item as a finder scope. It works but this is why it is soooo bright.

Bill T.
United States United States
Works Great!

As a newbie, initially, I wasn't sure if I would really need a finder since I planned to do imaging with Go-To, SkySafari, ASIAir, etc. all the computerized stuff so I figured that I can do everything via technology. However, once I had it I found it indispensable as for initial star alignment or just for quick manual observation. Once set up it is extremely accurate, very easy to use.