Used ZWO 36mm Narrowband Filter Set - UT-12119 -SOLD-

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  • This is a used set of filters in new condition
  • Will allow imaging in light polluted skys


Used ZWO 36mm Narrowband Filter Set - UT-12119 -SOLD-

ZWO OIII 36mm Filter

OIII, or doubly ionized oxygen, emits light in the blue/green, or teal portion of the spectrum near 500 nm. Planetary nebulae and supernova remnants emit most of their light in the OIII line.

ZWO H-a 36mm Filter

Hydrogen-Alpha is the most dominant emission line in star-forming regions. H-Alpha light is created by atomic hydrogen, and is responsible for the red color seen in most nebulae. The Ha portion of the spectrum is at 656 nm.

ZWO SII 36mm Filter

Sulfur is in the deep red of the spectrum near 672 nm. When combined with H-a and OIII, these three filters will produce images with colors that are reminiscent of those taken by the Hubble Space Telescope.

These ZWO 36mm filters come in a plastic storage box. ZWO narrowband filters are fine-optically polished to reach an accuracy of 1/4 wave, and they are capable of light transmission up to 80% . Their performance is further enhanced by multiple layers of anti-reflection coatings.


Warranty1 Year Warranty


  • ZWO narrowband set in individual boxes


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