OPT Closure & Agena Astro Transition
OPT Closure & Agena Astro Transition

OPT Closure & Agena Astro Transition

Oceanside Photo & Telescope (OPT) has decided to close after 76 years in business. Ownership has liquidated the company and would like to thank their loyal customers for all of their support over the years.


1. Who owns OPT now?

The OPT brand, related subsidiary brands (Radian Telescopes, Universal Astro, etc.) and all their intellectual property, including digital assets, websites, emails, and social media accounts, have been acquired by Agena Astro, another leading online telescope equipment dealer. At this time, Agena Astro has no intention of continuing to produce astronomy equipment under these subsidiary brand names, but this could change in the future.

OPT's physical assets, including their remaining inventory, were purchased by various private parties in an online auction that ended in June 2023.

SG Service Corp and Stapleton Group are handling credit claims of former OPT customers and vendors. Agena Astro did not acquire any of these liabilities.


2. About Agena Astro: who are we?

At Agena Astro, we share the same mission as OPT to unite people under the stars, and are saddened to hear this news and wish their team all the best in the future.

Agena Astro is proud to be North America’s highest-rated astronomy shop with 150 years of combined amateur astronomy experience. We have built our reputation on our top-notch customer support, fast shipping, and wide variety of products in stock. We are also located in Southern California, and we are proud to be celebrating our 20th year in business this summer.

We carry many of your favorite amateur astronomy products that you previously found at OPT. We hope you choose to shop with us for all of your amateur astronomy and astrophotography needs.


3. I have an unshipped back order or a question about my OPT order. Who should I contact about this?

SG Service Corp and Stapleton Group are handling credit claims of former OPT customers and vendors. Please fill out this PDF form and email it to claims@stapletoninc.com (or mail it according to the instructions) by November 30th, 2023.

Please note: Agena Astro will not be able to assist you with the claims process detailed in the pdf file above. Agena Astro will also not be able to assist with unshipped back orders, gift cards, store credit, order history, or product warranty support for OPT purchases.


4. Can I still buy anything from OPT?

No. As of June, 2023, nothing on optcorp.com is available for purchase anymore. We hope you'll take your business to Agena Astro for the products we carry. For the ones we don't, please contact us to make a request for which gear you'd like to purchase, and we will do our best to carry it.


5. What's going to happen to this website in the future?

In the coming weeks and months, Agena Astro will be taking over ownership of the website and OPT's other digital platforms. Much of the educational content, such as blog posts and more, will be migrated to Agena Astro's blog. After the migration is complete, we will eventually shut down the optcorp.com website.