Universal Astro Green Laser with Mounting Bracket

Brand: Universal Astro


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  • The Optics Future Green Laser is bright enough to point out stars and constellations at night.
  • Includes a vixen shoe mounting bracket for attaching to your finder base.
  • FDA Safety Class: IIIa.
  • 2 X AAA batteries are NOT included

Product Details

  • The Universal Astro Green Laser has high output and is of excellent quality. This green astronomy laser is guaranteed to be at least 4 mW, producing a bright and enduring beam that can be seen up to 10,000 feet in the right conditions.

    This can be used for pointing to anything in the night sky and, of course, as a general instruction tool for outreach events. Being a 532 nm laser, this is an extremely bright laser and much more sensitive to the human eye because of the green color. Similar red lasers with wavelengths such as 670 nm and comparable power output are significantly less visible by comparison.

    Adjustable Laser Bracket

    If you'd like to incorporate this laser into your telescope system, the included mounting bracket will be perfect. This metal, double-ring laser bracket is durable and sturdy to ensure there's nothing interfering with your targeting.

    The base of the bracket has a drilled 1/4-inch hole that will fit most telescope optical tube assemblies. You can make three-point adjustments to the alignment of the laser with six knurled knobs that are over-sized, making it easy to adjust in the dark or with gloves on. The rings will accept most lasers, and it can be quickly removed when your telescope is not in use so that you can use your laser for other tasks.

    Universal Astro Green Laser Specifications

    • Output Power: Guaranteed 4-5 mW.
    • Wavelength: 532 nm.
    • Dimensions: 5.85 x 0.54-inches.
    • Weight: 0.21-pounds.
    • Beam Divergence: 1.0 mrRad.
    • Range: 10,000 feet in darkness.
    • Beam Diameter at Source: 1.1 mm.
    • Output Variance: 10% after 20 minutes.
    • Operating Lifetime: 3000 to 5000 hours.
    • FDA Safety Class: IIIa.
    • 2 X AAA batteries are NOT included

    Safety Advisory

    WARNING!! Lasers are not toys, even if they are fun to use! Do not look directly into the beam of any laser and do not reflect it into a mirror and look directly at the image! Doing so may cause serious eye damage.

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