Technical Innovations Circular Skirt - 15" Pro Dome Observatory



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Technical Innovations Circular Skirt - 15" Pro Dome Observatory

Technical Innovations 15' Circular Skirt - HD15

The Technical Innovations 15' Circular Skirt - HD15 is a five piece fiberglass to make the transition between the circular observatory and the circular or polygon shaped building structure. The skirt slopes downward 4 inches to a 15' 8" circle with drip flange. Can also be used to keep water away from a circular foundation. (Note: The photo is CS10, but the design is the same.)

When assembled, the CS forms a complete circle 15 ft., 8 in., with a drip flange 1 3 in. high. The CS has a horizontal ring flange of about 4 in. radial width, with an ID of 172 in. The edges of this ring flange do not overlap. Each CS section has an overlap on one of its sloping sides. These overlaps will be bolted to the adjacent sections. A typical installation on a circular foundation or wall should allow for the drip edge of the CS to be both above and outside the "rimw or top edge of the building or the ground. The CS horizontal flange is mounted on top of the foundation and below the bottom flange of the base ring (or below the wall ring bottom flange if these are used.) The bolts that connect the base ring to the foundation will also hold the CS in place.

Removing the horizontal flange and assuring a close fit requires extreme care in measuring and cutting. You may use one section of the base ring as a guide, but be sure the CS is held at the proper angle or your measurement will be incorrect. Once cut to the proper curve, the skirt can be joined to the outside of the base ring using simple angle brackets (metal or plastic) mounted with screws or pop rivets. Carefully seal the joint with caulk, or resin. It must be watertight or you lose the effect of the CS.

Technical Innovations Product Number: CS15

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