Teleskop Service Short Off-Axis Guider with Zeiss M68 Threads

Brand: Teleskop Service


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Product Details

  • TS Optics Off-Axis Guider (OAG)Short Design with Zeiss M68 Connection

    Designed for heavy cameras with large sensors, the Teleskop Service TSOAGM68 off-axis guider has a large, M68 x 1 Zeiss thread connection on both sides. With an optical length of 16.7 mm, it doesn't take up much of your precious back focus, either. All of the connections on the TS Optics OAG are screwed in place, not clamped, making it perfect for large, heavy cameras. Plus, you'll enjoy 62.5 mm of free aperture. Due to the massive design, this OAG has no rotation functionality that could compromise the solid connection of heavy cameras. Three positions (3 x 120 degrees) can be used for the guiding tower so that you can choose the best framing option for your sensor and situation. The two holes not in use can be closed to prevent stray light from entering the system. Teleskop Service has also designed the off axis guider so that the prism can be shifted to reach the optimum position in relation to the sensor, and the guiding focus can be adjusted individually.

    Technical Details for the TSOAGM68 Off Axis Guider

    • Telescope side connection: M68x1 female thread (5.5 mm length)
    • Camera side connection: M68x1 male thread (4 mm length)
    • Optical length: 16.7 mm (w/o male thread)
    • Free aperture: 62.5 mm
    • Internal surface with anti-reflective thread
    • Guiding cam connection: T2 (M42 x 0.75)
    • Distance from female M68 thread to prism center: 11.5 mm
    • Minimum distance from prism center to T2 thread: 27 mm
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