TS Optics Deluxe Multi Collimator w/ Integrated Optics

Brand: Teleskop Service


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  • Easy to use, the collimator is simply placed between the focuser and the eyepiece or camera
  • 1.25" or 2" receptacle is available on the adapter
  • Even very bright optics can be perfectly adjusted with the multi-collimator, with higher accuracy than with an adjustment laser or an adjustment eyepiece
  • A center mark on the primary mirror of Newtonian telescopes is no longer necessary
  • The required 12 V power supply is NOT included!

Product Details

  • TS Optics Deluxe Multi Collimator w/ Integrated Optics

    It contains an achromatic lens inside that can be used with an eyepiece or astronomical camera. It works like a small optical tube inside the focuser of your telescope. Four LEDs form a series of concentric lights on each optical face of the telescope. The mirror surfaces emit bright lights, the lens surfaces weak. In this way, the collimator objectively and clearly indicates the state of collimation of the telescope, allowing for quick correction.

    The aluminum body has two receptacles for 2" and 1.25" (with filter thread inside). So you can use collimator with all types of telescopic rails. It is also equipped with an easy threaded focuser for eyepieces or cameras. You can use a 1.25" eyepiece to observe the image. Depending on the type of optical system and the focal length of the telescope, you need to choose the optimal magnification. You can also install an astronomical camera and display the image on the computer screen.

    The TS Optics Deluxe Multi Collimator also allows you to detect play in the mechanics of the telescope and evaluate its impact on collimation. The smallest shifts in the focuser or optical elements, such as the main mirror in SC telescopes, quickly become noticeable and change the image generated by the collimator. All this allows you to optimally adjust the telescope for observations or astrophotography.

    Important: The LED collimator works with a 12V power supply (2.5x5.5mm coupling) and not with batteries. The required 12 V power pack for the power supply is NOT included!

  • specifications

    Focal Length50mm
  • included items

    • TS Optics Deluxe Multi Collimator w/ Integrated Optics

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